Artistry: Genius Photoshopper Turns S.F.’s Victorians into Skyscrapers

Wednesday, January 7, 2015, by Rachel B. Doyle
TallBlueHouse.jpgImage by Tim Delger via the Bold Italic

San Francisco’;s skyline just got a whole lot more darling. The team over at the Bold Italic took to Photoshop to visualize what it would look like if the city’;s trademark Victorian homes were converted into highrises, with turrets and bay windows zooming up thirty stories high. The project is not just a clever tribute to the beloved historic buildings, but also a critique of new downtown developments that “lack any version of character,” the creators write. Sadly, this colorful version of a skyline is far better as a fantasy. “Victorians would make terrible high-rises,” writes Curbed San Francisco. “Aside from being massive firetraps, they’;d require entry staircases somewhere on the magnitude of the Vulcan Stairs,” a set of steps nearly 2 blocks long. But the Bold Italic folks are definitely onto something: newer buildings could and should pay more homage to historic beauties.

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