Arboreal Architecture: Modernist Glass Treehouse Comes With a Tiny Timber Studio

Friday, January 16, 2015, by Rachel B. Doyle
Treetop-Studio-by-Max-Pritchard_dezeen_784_8.jpgPhoto by Sam Noonan via Dezeen

This angular steel home on stilts in Australia might be the world’;s roomiest treehouse residence. In fact, the glassy modernist pad in the treetops is spacious enough to house architect Max Pritchard‘s entire family. As far as technical ingenuity goes, it might even outshine the famously complicated 80-room treehouse church. As if that weren’;t enough, Pritchard just built a tube-shaped timber tower with a 2-story window looking out onto the sea to go along with his marvelous tree-McMansion. “I like the sense of enclosure you get from a circle—it’;s also a contrast with the extreme openness of the main house, which is virtually all glass,” Pritchard told Dezeen. He plans to use his nifty pine cylinder as a studio for getting work done, because apparently folks who live in trees have to work sometimes too.

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