Apple’s iPhone event marks debut of Steve Jobs Theater on new campus

When Apple puts on its big annual event tomorrow, it will not be at the massive donut-shaped mothership we’ve been eyeing for years, but at a smaller—yet just as flashy—circular venue nearby. Indeed, in addition to new iPhone announcements, another big reveal is sure to be the brand-spanking-new Steve Jobs Theater, which Apple CEO Tim Cook once likened to the company’s iconic founder because “it’s on a hill, at one of the highest points on this land.”

The 1,000-seat auditorium, essentially a big, 4-story bunker, sits beneath something way more Apple: a delicate but striking lobby topped by a large silver disc that appears to be floating thanks to 20-foot tall glass walls. According to a recent report in Bloomberg, journalists attending the event tomorrow will “descend a staircase spiraling down alongside the walls.” That frankly sounds like standard fare if you’ve ever been to an Apple flagship store. Here are some more riveting details that have surfaced:

  • The venue has 2 custom rotating elevators that allow visitors to enter and exit through the same door.
  • As guests depart the auditorium, they’ll be greeted with a retracting demo room hidden under the lobby, presumably to provide a much closer look at the new products.
  • Leather seats in the space reportedly cost $ 14,000 a piece.

Sneak peeks of the auditorium under construction show a rather simple amphitheater-style seating arrangement. If there are any more architectural tricks buried down there, we’ll have to see tomorrow—stay tuned.

A section drawing of the Steve Jobs Theater

The City of Cupertino

The Steve Jobs Theater, as seen in the latest drone video of Apple Park, shot this month.

Duncan SInfield/Youtube

Via: ArchDaily

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