Abandonment Issues: Take a Peek Inside a Heavily Plundered Naval Armory in Detroit

Tuesday, January 20, 2015, by Jenny Xie
naval1.jpgPhoto by Chris and Michelle Gerard via Curbed Detroit

Built in 1930 as a naval training facility, Detroit’;s Brodhead Naval Armory closed down in 2004 and has been rotting away ever since. The city is now hoping to redevelop the massive limestone structure, but these photos from Curbed Detroit’;s recent tour of place suggests a pretty tough sell.

Over the years, the armory has suffered numerous break-ins, as pipes, structural supports, doorways, entire staircases, and what was Michigan’;s largest collection of Depression-era ar2rk have all been stolen from the building. What remains—notably the striking murals and sheer extent of debris—is in its own way, a staggering sight. A few more glimpses are below. Head over to Curbed Detroit for the full tour.

NavalArmory-185.jpgPhoto by Chris and Michelle Gerard via Curbed Detroit

NavalArmory-180.jpgPhoto by Chris and Michelle Gerard via Curbed Detroit

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