5 wall decor ideas ideal for renters and DIY lovers

If your idea of a well-appointed home is not an empty wall, then very good news: The market is brimming with options to dress things up. There is, needless to say, the vast world of wallpapers covering both modern and vintage styles. For the resourceful, the gallery wall trend can present a fun design challenge. And somewhere in the centre, there’s also a number of ready-to-order products that still offer some degree of customization.

Whether you live in a small city apartment and need a thing that doesn’t do too much damage or just want a hassle-free way to get yourself a new look at home, these ideas will come in handy.

Vant Panels

Pricing: Starts at $ 189 for a 39’’ x 46’’ “Twin” layout, or $ 169 for a box of 4 panels ideal for mix and matching

Installation: Usually in minutes

Vant Panels

Vant Panels produces upholstered wall panels that click into a group of metal brackets drilled in to the wall. Because they’re modular in nature, these panels can be used to develop a twin-size headboard, large accent wall, or something among. You can find them in 30 colors and textures, and buy preconfigured layouts or customizable packages.

Visual Magnetics interactive wall coverings

Pricing: Starts at $ 25 per square foot; designed to order

Installation: Service included in cost

Visual Magnetics

In a collaboration with materials innovation company Visual Magnetics, textile designer Ellen Van Dusen of clothing and home goods brand Dusen Dusen created some magnetic wall-coverings sporting her signature bold colors and shapes. Obtainable in 6 prints, these multi-layer wall-coverings feature magnetic die-cut pieces you could move around and create ever-changing patterns. For every installation, the Visual Magnetics team will need care of the entire application process, as long as there’s a smooth wall to work with. The business also makes a type of magnetic accessories only appropriate for its wall coverings.

Artis Wall

Pricing: Starts at $ 10. 95 per square foot

Installation: Frequently under one hour for one wall

Artis Wall

Born of a Kickstarter campaign that raised more than double its goal, Artis Wall makes it easy to embrace the reclaimed wood trend and never have to do any scavenging your self. The Ohio-based company sources authentic reclaimed wood from barns and structures round the country and will be offering them in boxes of kiln dried, 5-inch- and 2-inch-wide planks available in 6 finishes. Each order includes 30 feet of A. I. M™ Strips, which are the glues that make the planks easily removable and reusable.

Tempaper self-adhesive wallpaper

Pricing: Around $ 98 to $ 125 per 11-yard roll

Installation: Usually under an one hour for one wall; preferred professional installer obtainable in the Northeast

Founded in 2008, Tempaper is really a veteran at the self-adhesive, removable wallpaper game. The company’s designs range from intricate florals to geometric patterns to a whimsical young ones selection. Tempaper products are intended to review walls painted with an eggshell, stain, or semi-gloss paints. The recommended installation process involves pre-cutting the wallpaper panels and using a squeegee to erase air pockets. This spring, Tempaper is launching a 11-print collection designed by the Novogratz.

Ready-to-frame prints

Pricing: About $ 15 for 45 prints

Installation: In minutes


Apart from taping up your own doodles, these books filled with a large number of ready-to-frame prints may be the simplest way to get some visual interest on your walls fast. Pick from vintage patterns, botanical prints, and more. Frame one or perhaps a bunch. Swap out the designs once you crave a refresh.

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