161-square-foot micro residence accommodates all you need

Downsizing is constantly on the capture the particular imaginations associated with folks around the world, whether designed for necessity’s benefit or a wish to declutter plus live minimally. This tiny apartment within Beirut has been borne from both things—a lack of inexpensive accommodations along with an interest within efficiency.

Created by local builder and developer Elie Metni and his group, the appropriately named Footwear Box house measures simply 15 sq . meters—that’s around 161 sq . feet—but nevertheless manages in order to pack out of all essentials, along with a few accessories, by way of custom made furniture plus storage options.

The slim studio room has been coated white (including the flooring and laminate plywood built-ins) to better reveal the sun light pouring within through the home windows and create the particular illusion associated with openness. Certainly, the house accommodates the queen mattress on a storage space platform on a single end, plus a small cooking area and bathing room on the additional.

The desk, seats area, fold-out dining table, plus kitchen countertop line the particular perimeter of just one side from the room, whilst a TELEVISION and system are found to the opposite wall structure. A simple bathing room whose white-colored square tiling continues in the kitchen is located behind the glass doorway. What’s a lot more, the caribbean studio can also enjoy a bit of inhaling and exhaling room thanks to terrace. For all those interested, Footwear Box can be obtained to lease through Airbnb.

Via : Dezeen

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