Storage with a Difference: 5 Contemporary Sideboards that are Truly Unique

The sideboard is a versatile piece of furniture that helps you out in multiple ways. Put it in the entry and you can use it as a lovely console table and create a fabulous display. In the living room or dining room, it serves the same purpose even while providing ample storage space. Then there is the bedroom where the right sideboard can also replace your traditional bedside table. And much like in the world of lighting, there are plenty of choices on offer here with each sideboard bringing something unique both aesthetically and functionally. Today, we flip through five fabulous sideboards that are exceptional, striking and usher in plenty of textural contrast. Read More

Taking on Fall: Beautiful DIY Wreaths with Organic Charm

There are many different ways you can provide your home the ‘fall-flavored look’, but couple of feel since lovely plus ideal as being a gorgeous wreath. With Thanksgiving holiday around the corner, you might like to think about plans that exceed just the dinning table and a wonderful wreath will be the perfect method to welcome your own guests. For several, e even though fall has existed for a while, the advantages of embracing this fully just comes per week or 2 ahead of Thanksgiving holiday! With it begins the visit a lovely wreath. Fret no longer, as we have the ideal collection of DO-IT-YOURSELF nature-inspired drop wreaths which are absolutely incredible! Read More

Sloping Roofs and a Modern Silhouette Shape Mesmeric Villas Winterberg

It is that time of the year again when you start thinking about a lovely vacation that includes snow-filled slopes, wintery charm and even a touch of rustic elegance that those woodsy cabins bring. Offering all that and a lot more are these series of villas in Winterberg, which seem to draw inspiration from the sloping landscape that surrounds them. It is the angled roofs of these modern villas that give them a unique identity even as a wall of glass brings the outdoors inside. It is a balance between traditional cabin design and modern aesthetics that creates uniqueness inside these lovely homes built for those who appreciate finer things in life. Read More

From Place Settings to Serveware: Top Finds for the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

One of our first memories of Thanksgiving is undoubtedly centered round the Thanksgiving dinner. It has its pleasant moments, its awkward ones and one that are plain forgettable. Yet as years pass on, the tradition becomes more important and we grow to love even the awkward silences and accept the boring with the good. And at the heart of every great Thanksgiving celebration is the Thanksgiving table – an entity that demands plenty of attention and care. Even if you plan to invite just a couple of friends and family members, you eventually end up doing the whole gig in the best way possible because the occasion is such. Read More

Glass-Walled Bathrooms and Bedrooms: Space-Saving Solutions for Small Homes

Cleverly delineating space within an open program living is a sure way in which you are able to create person rooms plus areas with out visually decreasing space. However, most practical room divider panel can prove to be the hindrance sometimes and in the particular tiny house, it is certainly glass that will comes to your save. That’s correct; glass enclosures containing sleeping rooms and bathing rooms are currently reshaping more humble urban houses all over the world. The concept might not be innovative in itself, yet architect Manuel Ocaña certainly gives this a fresh, brand new upgrade together with his ingenious type of three various apartments within Madrid , Spain. Read More

Renewed Modern House Fluently Mixes Geo Ceramic tiles, Concrete plus Wood

Most modern houses tend not to dabble too much along with textural comparison. It is not too much to understand the reason why though, along with contrasting designs becoming difficult to balance also at the most of times. Yet this refurbished Brazilian house manages to get that great line in between elegance, easy blend of various materials plus finishes and also a cheerful atmosphere as it combines wood, cement, glass as well as geometric ceramic tiles! The confluence of these varied elements is really exceptional plus becomes much more appealing if you realize that the house still handles to remain mainly understated. Read More

From Origami Lights to Fairies: DIY Lanterns to Light up your Holidays

Tis’ the season to be jolly and even if it is not fully here, getting ready for all that festivity and fun does mean you need to start early enough. There is the shopping, the decorating, the rush of getting things done at work just so that you can have a longer vacation and then the traffic. But you know all that hustle and bustle is worth it when the lights finally come on and you sense magic in the air! Without the bright lights, holidays simply feel incomplete. Having already shared with our readers the best DIY string lighting for the festive season, it is time to explore a different direction – the world of DIY lanterns. Read More

Refurbished 1970’s Property in Vem a ser Paulo along with Inspired Interior Garden

As is the situation with the majority of aged houses, poorly prepared additions as well as a weary framework tend to develop an interior which is neither useful nor visual. The Sun House within Sao Paulo is no various as it has been originally integrated 1970’s by having an interior which is far too compartmentalized and constraining. Giving this particular dreary house a happy, modern update Casa14 Arquitetura turned to a plan residing and a good altered yard to get the job done. Relaxing, relaxing plus pleasing towards the core, the newest living region flows in to the rear backyard that contains a backyard dining area and a soothing sitting area. Read More

eleven DIY Storage space Ideas for your Small plus Space-Savvy Kitchen area

Kitchen may be the heart of each home even though those sparkling kitchens in catalogs and magazines look absolutely amazing, most of us simply are not blessed enough with all that space and pizazz! This implies an endless struggle to keep carefully the small kitchen clutter-free and constant seek out space-savvy solutions that create a far more organized space. This is where DIY storage some ideas can come in pretty handy. Homemade kitchen shelving and cabinets offer multiple advantages that go way past store-bought decorating scheme. You can art DIY cooking area storage units that will perfectly squeeze into the design, theme plus available room of your cooking area and do etc a budget! Read More

Electrical, Metallic plus Serving Delicious Delights: Bráz Elettrica Lasagna Restaurant

Every pizzeria has its unique design and one with out personality rapidly gets dropped in the group. Nestled within a bustling community of Sao Paulo, Bráz Elettrica French fries Restaurant certainly has an inimitable character which will leave a good indelible impact on you. The particular fabulous location welcomes a person with shiny yellow windows and doors while the outdoor remains clearly contemporary because of an all-black façade. However, the interior created by SuperLimão Business has a totally different appeal along with weathered wall space, exposed packet wall areas and a contact of graffiti-inspired design which usually enlivens the particular walls. After that there are the particular dazzling, lighted signs that will add reddish colored and azure to the pizzeria. Read More

Feast Your Eyes on These Stunning Fall Tables

If you’re getting ready to welcome friends and family to your dining room table, today’s post is for you. Autumn brings many opportunities to entertain. Luckily a cornucopia of options awaits you when it comes to designing your fall table! Today we round up our favorites, from decadent delights to the most colorful and modern. Enjoy! [image below from Eyeswoon] Read More

1920’s Warehouse in Los Angeles Turned into a Splendid Modern Industrial Loft

Rugged and yet polished, stylish and yet surprisingly understated, practical and still pleasing, the Arts District Loft is many worlds in one. A 2,000-square-foot loft in a warehouse from the 1920’s, this dashing modern industrial is nestled in Downtown Los Angeles and draws you in instantly with its dark, flamboyant vibe. The open living area of the loft sits on an elevated platform when compared to the dining area and kitchen next to it. Existing partitions of the loft are done away with and every space inside has been revamped and redone to give it a contemporary sheen. Yet, a distinct industrial undertone runs throughout thanks to the concrete flooring, walls, exposed duct pipes and large, industrial-style windows. Read More