ZEEQ Smart Cushion: Streams Songs, Stops Snoring & Wakes Smartly

In the previous article we talked about the 2 those who win of Euro Product Style Award within the category of Bedroom accessories & Add-ons. But there is certainly one more Metallic Prize Champion that should get a special point out: ZEEQ Sensible Pillow created by Warrick Bell, Miguel Marrero and Jared Bell pertaining to REM-Fit Business.


The important thing idea had been to make a cushion an active player and associate in your rest – a good assistant that may help you fall asleep, evaluate your rest, intelligently wake up you upward in the morning without having disturbing your companion and avoid snoring. Each one of these features are available in ZEEQ.

Exactly how often the greatest pieces of style emerge within a simple hard work to improve the daily living problems. The story associated with ZEEQ can also be just a good episode associated with daily life from the creator. He or she always required music in order to fall asleep, whilst his spouse needed total silence. 1 night he or she took a set of wireless earphones and put all of them inside their pillow. He or she was amazed to find out which he could listen to the music great wife could not. That’s the way the concept of the pillow along with built-in high-precision speakers came to be. And it got another 3 years to make out there how to make this even better and much more functional.

ZEEQ has 6 such loudspeakers inside, that assist it distribute the sound equally throughout the cushion. Being linked to a smart phone app, ZEEQ helps the consumer fall asleep loading his preferred music paths or audiobooks during the time he or she predetermines before you go to mattress.


Once you fall asleep, the particular hardware constructed into the smart cushion starts examining your rest, in particular your own movement plus sounds. This particular data is definitely tracked plus recorded through the entire night and may be examined via your own app.

Yet it’s not simply recording the information, but reacts to it intelligently. For example , there exists a Snore Security alarm – the sensor that will detects snoring with a delicate microphone towards the decibel degree and as shortly as it gets to a established level the actual pillow vibrate. This in turn promotes the user to replace the position plus ensures a much better night’s rest for their partner.

The standard morning security alarm is also built with partner-friendliness in your mind: it’s local and quiet and wakes only the sensible pillow consumer. To overhead it all you might opt for a Intelligent Alarm perform. It works the following: you set the particular alarm period before you go in order to bed during the night, as generally. But you should have heard which our sleep offers definite process and the stage of this period, at which all of us hear the particular alarm band has a excellent influence along the way we will really feel this day plus our feeling. The ZEEQ claims to have the ability to monitor the particular user’s motion during the night plus wake your pet up at most favorable time, even if it is a bit sooner than the established alarm period.

And of course, needless to say that a cushion should be comfy. With the reassurance of mind the particular ZEEQ makers picked Tencel® Fabric for this. It’s an all natural material made out of cellulose taken out from the natural wood. When it comes to battery, it offers to be energized approximately as soon as in a week.

See more information of the ZEEQ Smart Cushion in action using this short video clip:

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