YH2 Have Created A New Lakeside Vacation Home In Quebec, canada ,

YH2 Have got Designed A brand new Lakeside Holiday House Within Quebec | CONTEMPORIST

Architecture firm YH2 have designed a new vacation house that sits on the shores of Lac Plaisant in Quebec, Canada. #LakeHouse #ModernHouse #Architecture
Photography simply by Francis Pelletier

Architects Marie-Claude Hamelin plus Loukas Yiacouvakis from YH2, have got designed a brand new vacation home that rests on the coast line of Lac Plaisant in Quebec, canada ,, Canada.

Architecture firm YH2 have designed a new modern vacation house that sits on the shores of Lac Plaisant in Quebec, Canada, and features an exterior of white cedar boards. #ModernHouse #WhiteCedar #WoodExterior
Photography simply by Francis Pelletier

The particular houses functions wood design on both the outside and indoor, with a solitary large gable that addresses all of the residing spaces. Walking inside, there are a stairs that links the various flooring of the home.

This modern vacation house features wood construction on both the exterior and interior, with a single large gable that covers all of the living spaces. Stepping inside, there's a staircase that connects the various floors of the home. #Entryway #Stairs
Pictures by Francis Pelletier

Next to the particular entryway is really a hallway leading to the primary living places.

This hallway features exposed painted wood studs that act as alcoves for hanging coats. #Hallway
Photography simply by Francis Pelletier

In the primary living region, there’s the kitchen, residing area plus dining region, that features the wall associated with glass that will looks in order to the river and a huge double-height gable extending to the outside to cover a little porch.

In the main living area of this modern vacation house, there's a kitchen, living area and dining area, that features a wall of glass that looks out to the lake and a large double-height gable extending outward to cover a small porch. #VacationHouse #Windows #InteriorDesign
Picture taking by Francis Pelletier

On the lengthy sides of the home, there are 3 large, high glass sections, allowing smooth transitions in between interior and exterior areas.

On the long sides of this modern house, there are 3 large, tall glass panels, allowing seamless transitions between interior and exterior spaces. #Windows #DiningRoom
Photography simply by Francis Pelletier

Here is a nearer look at the wooden and metal stairs that will lead to the second flooring of the home.

Wood and steel stairs with a glass handrail lead to the second floor of this modern vacation house. #ModernStairs #StairDesign #WoodAndSteel
Picture taking by Francis Pelletier

Here’s the particular view in the second ground of the home that will overlooks the particular open program living space.

This modern vacation house has a wall of windows that allow natural light in and views of the lake. #Windows #VacationCottage
Pictures by Francis Pelletier

The home may sleep as much as 12, and this bed room, exposed wood studs are actually painted whitened and action at shelves.

In this simple bedroom, exposed wooden studs have been painted white and act at shelving. #Shelving #BedroomDesign
Photography simply by Francis Pelletier

Within another bed room, 2 bed frames have been flawlessly fit into a little space to increase the number of individuals who can visit the particular vacation house.

2 beds have been perfectly fit into a small space to maximize the number of people that can visit this modern vacation home.  #Bedroom #
Photography simply by Francis Pelletier | Yh2 design group: Karl Choquette, Marie-Claude Hamelin, Étienne Sédillot, Loukas Yiacouvakis | Design: Construction Daniel Matteau

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