Wooden Cross Areas in Home design: 20 Suggestions + DO-IT-YOURSELF

Contemporary creative designers love eco-style. And what is eco-style without having wood? Nevertheless , there’s no requirement to limit yourself to wood furniture plus wooden wall structure décor. It comes with an original method of wood app in home design – fairly unexpected, lovely and very magnificent. And also easy-to-make and inexpensive. We are referring to tree mix sections.


Thanks to their own flat form and a large, almost limitless choice of dimensions (in conditions of size and thickness) the world of using wood combination sections within interior favorite is pretty huge. They can be utilized autonomously, because pieces of decorating scheme per se or even as areas of a whole structure; serve as the material designed for furniture-makers or even as a full-on finishing materials. In fact , the amount of interior options featuring this particular natural component depends just on your creativity.

For example , it comes with an increasingly popular developer trick – “outside-in” wall space . Which means that that one or perhaps a few wall space inside the area look exactly like the exterior of the home, i. electronic. interior wall space are completed with outside materials, such as concrete, brickwork or wooden instead of normal wallpaper or even ceramic ceramic tiles. Tree cross-sections are a good tool pertaining to obtaining this kind of decorative impact:


In that case much wooden doesn’t complement the rest of your indoor, you may go for fragmented wall structure décor . Also, wooden cross-sections could be introduced since art items per se – several organic or coated circles place in a picture body look excellent.

3-1-tree-wood-cross-sections-cuts-in-interior-design-decor-bedroom-accent-wall-finish-random-gray-paint-wrought-bed 3-2-tree-wood-cross-sections-cuts-in-interior-design-decor-wall-art-picture-frames 3-3-tree-wood-cross-sections-cuts-in-interior-design-decor-wall-art-picture-frame-painted-multicolor

The particular flat spherical form of wooden cross-sections appears to be designed specifically for makeshift feces seats plus eco-style espresso table covers . And people who do not feel affirmed about producing furniture using their own fingers can use ready-made cross-sections since charming coasters for all events.

4-1-tree-wood-cross-sections-cuts-in-interior-design-decor-handmade-furniture-coffee-table-trunk 4-2-tree-wood-cross-sections-cuts-in-interior-design-decor-table-setting-Christmas-eco-style-rustic-coasters 4-3-tree-wood-cross-sections-cuts-in-interior-design-decor-table-setting-eco-style-coasters

Furthermore, wood cross-sections can dress a mirror framework, a coating rack, the chest of drawers or perhaps a dining table best . They may be used for producing a headboard, curtains plus plenty of additional sweet elements. In a word, have a look at this and enjoy:

5-3-tree-wood-cross-sections-cuts-in-interior-design-decor-handmade-wooden-mirror-frame-headboard-eco-style 5-4-tree-wood-cross-sections-cuts-in-interior-design-decor-eco-style-handmade-coat-racks 5-1-tree-wood-cross-sections-cuts-in-interior-design-decor-wall-art-bedside-lamp-base-handmade-decor 5-2-tree-wood-cross-sections-cuts-in-interior-design-decor-handmade-curtains-wooden

And lastly, there is a little bonus. In case you were thinking where to get an inexpensive and fashionable bookshelf, you may enjoy this DO-IT-YOURSELF wood cross-section shelves.


You will need the next materials plus tools:

  • one level circular wooden cross-section (preferably, about 5-cm-thick and about thirty cm within diameter)
  • position brackets pertaining to wall-mounted racks
  • a noticed
  • a exercise


Saw the particular wood cross-section in half. Secure the position brackets towards the wood components and then towards the wall utilizing a drill. Plus that’s this! Your stylish natural bit of décor is preparing to serve you properly!

8-1-tree-wood-cross-sections-cuts-in-half 8-2-tree-wood-cross-sections-cuts-DIY-book-shelf-handmade-decor-wall-mounted-angle-brackets-drill 9-tree-wood-cross-sections-cuts-in-interior-design-decor-handmade-DIY-book-shelves-wooden-wall-mounted-rustic-eco-style

Nota bene : In case you liked the thought of creating first décor through wood cross-sections, we claim that you start your own DIY tests from bought materials. The thing is that ornamental cross-sections are usually first dried out within exclusive environmental situations, which makes all of them suitable for additional processing plus painting. Plus fragments associated with trees you discover in the closest forest may crack upward unless you dried out them correctly.

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