Wonder Tree “Growing” in the Long lasting Care Center in Europe

Elisabeth Picard, an musician from Montreal, the second greatest city of Europe, created a entire series of ar2rks for the brand new East Angus CHSLD within Quebec. This particular centre was developed for extensive care about seniors. But apart from housing the residents, the particular facility requires care about their particular health enhancement, leisure routines and even spiritual aspects of their own lives. This is why it does not seem amazing that this location needed the welcoming set up in the reception, which would ease and comfort its website visitors and convey the concept of security – the main element mission from the centre.


The number of ar2rks developed by Elisabeth includes a mysterious title – “Sous le great arbre: racine, feuille ainsi que fleur”, which usually stands for “Under a big shrub: roots, simply leaves and flowers”. Though the installation’s elements are available on 4 floors from the building, the major component is located in the particular lobby. This stems from the particular fireplace in the center of the space plus gradually ways to the roof.

What do a person suppose it really is made from? Through plastic artists, aluminum plus LED lamps. Amazingly, these types of non-natural components look therefore naturalistic that will it’s difficult to resist the desire to possess a rest within the shade of the tree.


But the huge tree offers one more which means: it’s the metaphor for your life’s trip. It’s targeted at reminding the particular personnel from the centre regarding their accountable and great mission.

And lastly, the shrub has an additional symbolic which means – it is a homage to authentic trees, which usually gave increase to the progress pulp plus paper sector that means a lot for this municipality.


An additional 3 areas of this distinct “sculpture” – a underlying, a leaf and a floral – discovered their areas on various other 3 flooring of the developing. As well as the greatest part of the shrub in the reception, these components are made from multicolor bands, extremely competently mixed and organized to form gentle gradients. Gorgeous hues associated with Indian summertime and the deeply sense from the ar2rk by itself became the particular centerpiece from the centre as well as the pride associated with Quebec.

3-Sous-le-grand-arbre-racine-feuille-et-fleur-by-Elisabeth-Picard-CHSLD-Canada-tree-root-art-installation-ceiling-decor-gradient-ombre-effect-plastic-metal-aluminum-LED-lights-green-yellow-orange 4-Sous-le-grand-arbre-racine-feuille-et-fleur-by-Elisabeth-Picard-CHSLD-Canada-tree-leaf-art-installation-ceiling-decor-gradient-ombre-effect-plastic-aluminum-LED-lights-green-yellow 5-Sous-le-grand-arbre-racine-feuille-et-fleur-by-Elisabeth-Picard-CHSLD-Canada-flower-shaped-art-installation-ceiling-decor-gradient-ombre-effect-plastic-metal-aluminum-LED-lights-green-yellow-orange

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