What is New in the wonderful world of Wash Basins: Auto-Clean, Dull & Thin?

In the previous blogposts we mentioned previously the IHS Exhibition focused on the world of bathing room design which is held 2 times a year within the German associated with Frankfurt a good Mein. This particular exhibition has something incredible to show all of us, and this springtime was not very. We chose to show you the very best exhibits from the fair plus suggest that all of us start from brand new designs plus functions within the segment associated with washbasins.



The particular Antoniolupi brand has been one of those, which usually concentrated their own efforts specifically on the type of washbasins. We all selected 3 most exceptional pieces to the mind, as well as the best thing info is that they are absolutely various. The first one is certainly dubbed LAVANDINO , however in contrast using its melodic plus romantic mention the product and is made from the sheet associated with cold stainless-steel and has extremely geometrically obvious shape, along with loads of razor-sharp lines plus angles. All of us guess this won’t end up being wrong to express that it is even ascetic to some extent. Simultaneously the water shows and sensations in all from the inclined areas so attractively that it provides this washbasin a respectable gleam associated with precious metals.


The SLOT MACHINE washbasin is really a nice bit of pure modern elegant minimalism. Made of the initial Corian materials, it’s perfectly-shaped, with sharpened edges, extremely pleasant to the touch and natural white. Amazingly you will not discover any specialized parts within it – none a empty, nor a good overflow – just a modern pure white-colored surface. The key is in the thin starting in the back rim from the basin: water flows within it along the somewhat inclined base of the kitchen sink (the desire is not visible), and thus the of the washbasin remains natural and definitely clean.


The name of this particular free-standing washbasin – -PIXEL – states it all. This particular piece of bathing room art is supposed to help remind people that actually such a small unit like a pixel issues; it is a portion of a whole, associated with something large, nice and practical. This washbasin seems to be made up out of myriads of mosaic pieces plus it’s an actual pleasure to view and contact it.



The particular Bette Company shown its brand new collections – BetteLoft and BetteLoft Decoration . The previous is symbolized by geometrically clear free-standing washbasins plus bathtubs within minimalist design.


As well as the BetteLoft Decoration is decked out with a bizarre textured design that produces a spectacular perform of gentle and tones and appears truly amazing.



The new type of washbasins shown by the Alape Company is named Scopio , that is the Latina word for that “stem”. The particular collection contains 5 versions, and each of these is based on the particular combination of 2 geometrical types: a cone-shaped base along with a round container.



The Kaldewei Company is welcoming us to prevent limiting ourself to solely white colour of sanitary porcelain. In its brand new Coordinated Colors Collection we discover an improved advanced matte color scheme: natural dark brown, gray, pale cream plus elegant dark shades along with perfect glazed finishes associated with sanitary ware .

8-Kaldewei-Coordinated-colours-collection-2017-matte-gray-washbasin-bathroom-sink-circular-round 9-Kaldewei-Coordinated-colours-collection-2017-matte-black-washbasin-bathroom-sink-rectangular


Yet one of the most enjoyable novelties that you could see within Frankfurt was obviously a self-rinsing kitchen sink by Vitra named AutoClean . More and more often all of us hear about revolutionary self-cleaning options for bathing rooms, but usually they make reference to shower cabin rentals and lavatories only. Plus let’s remember that washbasins accumulate lots of germs and obtain dirty quite fast. Within Vitra’s brand new sink you can begin the setting of auto-clean manually or even via a messfühler. All that to the wise washbasin has to shine once again is a liters of drinking water, 5-10 milliliters of a cleansing fluid and a couple of minutes. Easy, isn’t this?

10-VitrA-AutoClean-Washbasin-bathroom-sink-self-cleaning-rinsing-smart-oval 11-VitrA-AutoClean-Washbasin-bathroom-sink-self-cleaning-rinsing-smart-oval

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