Ways to Turn the Balcony right into a Cozy Space? Real-Life Instance

The mistress of this porch, Linda, is really a professional internal designer. The lady spends the majority of her living in the recording studio and generally felt the longing to possess a place, exactly where she can take a break through hustle plus routine plus take time on her personal ideas and suggestions. And that is when the girl decided to think about her own porch: it’s open up and has an overall total area of 5 square metres – just about for careful consideration and hygge.


Linda lives in the suburban home with conventional monolithic brickwork walls. The area is very eco-friendly and the girl’s apartment over the 8 th ground offers a marvelous forest see. The feeling to be in the country was therefore strong the mistress could not waste an opportunity to “connect” the particular balcony using the outdoors. That is great when you are able imagine your self in a gazebo filled with smells of attractive flowers someplace in the hardwoods; and all of this particular without making the house. Actually the process did not take a lot effort – just 4 easy steps…

Step 1 : Sunblind

For a start you need to protect your self from sunlight glare plus bad climate conditions. Linda resolved this problem utilizing a sunblind, that is universal, useful and straightforward. The material was selected with both exterior and interior color schemes in your mind.

Step 2: Re-using the sill

The sill of the windows overlooking the particular balcony had been re-used like a compact club table. Why don’;t? It was currently available plus didn’t get any additional space. The one thing to do has been to replace the initial iron sill with lovely tiles. Provided the small level of the surface area, the mistress set the girl choice on small-scale ceramic tiles in Mediterranean sea style. These people became the color accessory of the community hall zone, along with a perfect location for displaying candle lights, flower cooking pots and other bits of décor.


Step 3: Furnishings

Then we all gradually reached selecting the particular furnishing. Wood and bamboo bedding pieces are usually surely environmentally friendly and enjoyable to take a seat on, but sadly they need special treatment and have to become put away someplace for the winter-time. That’s precisely why the choice has been set on a wicker set produced from synthetic materials.

Step 4 – Flowers

Lastly, we found the last phase on the way towards the dream porch – floral pots. Guardrails were embellished with rectangle-shaped flower containers, and a few containers were wear the floor and the sill. Bright blooms brought the splash associated with color towards the quiet background and loaded the air along with sweet smells. They completely match the particular landscape as well as create several sense associated with privacy.

Therefore , you see that will turning the balcony right into a cozy motivation nook is just not a big deal – just 4 small techniques, and you will get the environment for fine time-spending!

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