Unhackneyed Approach to Scandinavian Style within Moscow Residence

It should appear that an house designed within Scandinavian design can barely surprise anybody. It’s broadly popular among developers, decorators plus common people, plus finding furnishings in this design is not an issue at all. Nevertheless , skeptics maintain saying that whitened walls are usually dull, plus apartments on most European countries aren’;t fit just for Scandinavian design at all: they have got small home windows, lack sunshine, and hence their own interiors help remind more of medical center wards. The particular authors from the project we’d like to explain to you in this post experienced this problem and created an apartment within Scandinavian design with non-white walls plus panoramic home windows – a good exemplary design indeed!


This comfortable apartment inside a newly-built contemporary house goes to a younger family along with one child. The customers summed upward their desires as follows: “a light plus spacious inside with a kitchen area open to the particular living room, 2 bedrooms (for a kid plus parents) plus bright, happy accents”.

The particular designer group decided to established their option upon Scandinavian style rejuvenated with fascinating unhackneyed information. For a start the particular walls within the open-concept area were completed with… plywood ! Because of this technique the room appears warm and comfortable in any climate and wonderful wood hemp sets homey country-house environment.

These happy finishes build a great history for warm colour accents such as lights, throw cushions and a vivid green retro-style refrigerator with the food prep. So that the gentle interior did not look bare and as well austere, being usually the situation in defective Scandinavian decorations, the creative designers used numerous different pieces of furniture plus décor – mismatched dining seats, coffee tables plus lamps. This particular made the particular project a lot more functional, plus thanks to 2 walk-in cabinets the serves will never have got storage problems.


The particular master bedroom is definitely stylistically associated with the rest of the residence by means of a plywood wall at the rear of the headboard. This completing as well as a area rug with geometrical patterns are usually main attractive accents of the room. Considering that this bed room is meant just for rest plus sleep, they are pretty sufficient for one area. Thanks to an enormous window this particular space will be filled with lighting, though you will find neutral lighting curtains envisaged for the sake of personal privacy. By the way, within the public area you wouldn’t find drapes – it is a homage to real Scandinavian decorations and a technique for making the area more dynamical and open up.


Geometric concept set in the particular parents’ bed room “penetrated” in to the kid’s area as well. Right here there are simply no plywood wall space – this particular solution permits changing the particular wall decorating scheme as the young child grows up great tastes develop. For the same cause the room was not cluttered along with much home furniture: just a enjoy zone, the bed and a few small things for the sake of comfort – that is what the most youthful family member requirements right now.


In the bathing room our eye catch the particular familiar triangular pattern once again. Original highlights of this area are a fancifully-shaped asymmetrical reflect and a non-white WC coordinating the taking over color of the ground tiles.


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