“Tuscan Giorno”: Beautiful Neo-Classical Residence in Beige & Azure

Have you ever heard everything about “Tuscan interiors”? Even though not, it isn’t really hard to reckon that this phrase primarily describes the color colour scheme of the areas. What is Tuscany? It is a wonderful landscape depending on multiple colors of yellowish – through bright sunlit and fantastic to hot mustard plus pale fine sand. And all of this particular beauty will be diluted along with light taints of crystal clear blue atmosphere. In a brand new residential home design project simply by RIS Home design from Taiwan these gorgeous colors are usually wrapped inside a neo-classical-style “blanket”, which represents the concept of Italian language elegancy, elegance and love. Such decorations deserve large spaces, which big house in Taichung city with all the total part of 161 sq . meters was obviously a perfect painting for creating a marvelous interior along with plenty of stunning details. Let us have a nearer look at all of them and typically begin our own journey from your living room.


Living room

The very best original function of the family room is the big ceiling-to-floor windows that will let lots of natural light permeate into each corner from the space. If you take a nearer look at the space you will notice an ideal classical framework that units such an sophisticated atmosphere. It really is composed of unostentatious beige walls moldings, a couple of geometrically organized ceiling medallions, gorgeous plaster trim from the fireplace encompass and flooring tiles imitating natural rock texture. These types of elements develop a perfect background for quite contemporary decorating dressed up along with elements of traditional décor. Beige and glowing blue draped drapes and toss pillows renew the room plus help the particular designer steer clear of the royal-palace appear, making it cozier and homier.


However the most unique detail is really a black marbled surround from the TV-set. Possibly, the most difficult issue associated with neo-classical-style decorations is learn how to fit the contemporary TV-set into the noble background in order that it didn’t seem ridiculous. On this project this issue was taken care of by means of a beautiful black marbled slab that will made the particular TV-set resemble a piece of art within an expensive body.


Dining area and cooking area

Right from the particular living room we all get to a good open-concept eating area. It is furnished with the 6-person wood table plus same-style seats with attractive carved hip and legs. The traditional set will be complemented having a crystal chandelier and a large wall time clock. In a similar way towards the living room, this particular room’s colour scheme is usually beige-and-blue bicolor.

2-1-neo-classical-style-interior-neutral-beige-blue-Tuscan-colors-open-plan-concept-dining-living-room-wall-clock-wooden-table-mismatched-chairs-crystal-chandelier-wall-panels 2-2-neo-classical-style-interior-neutral-beige-blue-Tuscan-colors-open-plan-concept-dining-room-wall-clock-wooden-table-mismatched-chairs-crystal-chandelier-wall-panels

To enhance the particular interaction between dining plus living room as well as the kitchen, using a chance to prevent penetration associated with kitchen smells into the remaining rooms, your kitchen was furnished with elegant white-colored sliding doorways. The kitchen cupboards are white-colored and very traditional. Having a worktop complete and a small island it is given some modernity, as well as the sense associated with warmth is made by a beige backsplash made out of square ceramic tiles so common of sunlit Italian kitchen areas.

3-0-neo-classical-style-interior-neutral-beige-blue-Tuscan-colors-open-concept-dining-room-kitchen-island-white-cabinets-square-tiles-Italian-backsplash-wall-clock-chandelier-crystal 3-1-neo-classical-style-interior-neutral-beige-blue-Tuscan-colors-kitchen-island-white-cabinets-square-tiles-Italian-backsplash-traditional-marble-worktop

Bedroom № 1

The particular master bedroom is made in line with the traditional public area of the flat: overhead moldings, wall structure panelling, a classy upholstered mattress dressed up along with rivets plus curved hip and legs. Here the particular designers made a decision to introduce yet another traditional Tuscan color – pastel eco-friendly. It’s gently applied to only one wall reverse the home window, but provides the required quantity of freshness towards the general beige background together with gorgeous flower curtains.


The environment of an noble boudoir will be complemented having a neo-classical dressing up table. These is with a chair along with curved hip and legs (we currently saw this in the eating set) and also a floral looking glass frame, which usually “supports” the particular pattern associated with curtains and provides us the hint for the ceiling medallions and plaster moldings from the living room.


There is only one nightstand right here, since the walls behind your bed features a walk-in closet quit. Here your own eye will not catch any kind of classics – just modern, black plus mirrored coatings and modern design.

4-2-neo-classical-style-interior-neutral-beige-blue-Tuscan-colors-bedroom-upholstered-bed-with-rivets-wall-panels-moldings-nightstand-wall-lamps-sconces-throw-pillows-floral-curtains-green 4-3-contemporary-style-walk-in-closet-interior-black-walls-dressing-table-ottoman-padded-stool-mirrored-glossy-surfaces-drawers-big-mirror

Bed room № 2

The second bed room has just about in common using the first 1 in terms of common concept plus color system. But becoming smaller, this features much less décor in support of white furniture pieces. And if a person look nearer, you’ll get a slight contact of custom: a vintage inputting machine plus pieces of decorating scheme, retro-style electrical sockets and a stylish console table.

5-1-neo-classical-style-interior-neutral-beige-colors-bedroom-white-furniture-bed-wall-panels-lamps-sconces-nighstands-small-room-dressing-table-floral-curtains-romantic 5-2-neo-classical-style-interior-neutral-beige-colors-bedroom-white-furniture-bed-wall-panels-lamps-sconces-nighstands-dressing-console-table-floral-curtains-vintage-typing-machine

Bedroom № 3

The 3rd bedroom stands apart against the history of the remaining rooms. First of all, it has another color plan – right here you will not find any kind of warm beige – all of the walls are usually painted over loaded gray colour. Secondly, on this room you are feeling a strong contact of contemporary design – smooth furniture, plenty of glossy plus mirrored areas. But in spite of these contemporary elements, the bedroom is still from the neo-classical design by means of 2 eye-catchy components – a loving canopy mattress and walls panels.

6-1-neo-classical-contemporary-style-interior-gray-and-white-bedroom-canopy-bed-wall-panels-moldings-glossy-mirrored-furniture-surfaces-nightstand-dressing-table-chair-desk-mirror 6-2-neo-classical-contemporary-style-interior-gray-and-white-bedroom-canopy-bed-wall-panels-moldings-glossy-mirrored-nightstands-mirror-bedside-lamps-pillows

Bathing room № one

There are 2 bathrooms within the apartment. 1 features a spacious shower log cabin and a huge wash container cabinet. This particular room is completed with fashionable greige ceramic tiles that create an extremely naturalistic background.


Restroom № 2

As for the 2nd bathroom, this combines traditional black and white marbled finishes along with features of modern style: a contemporary acrylic bath tub, Venetian window blinds, a huge looking glass and a dual wash container.

8-1-contemporary-style-interior-bathroom-white-and-black-marble-countertop-floor-walls-acrylic-bathtub-Venetian-blinds-double-wash-basin-cabinet-big-mirror-toilet-window 8-2-contemporary-style-interior-bathroom-white-and-black-marble-countertop-walls-floor-tiles-double-wash-basin-cabinet-big-mirror-wall-lamps-sconces-classical-gray

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