Three-Room Apartment within Provence Design for a Loved ones with two Kids

This home design project had been worked out for the young family members couple along with 2 young kids. Being dedicated fans associated with cozy plus homey Provence-style interiors, the particular owners wished their house to be full of light pale colors, flower motifs, plus painted home furniture of traditional shapes. Apart from, the customers are keen on painting plus reading and often invite close friends and family members. That is why the full-fledged eating zone had been furnished with the transforming desk and the lay zone – with a handful of folding couches. The bigger area will become the master bedroom using a walk-in wardrobe and the area with a indented balcony is going to be designed for children.


The particular centerpiece from the lay could be the faux fire place. Its encompass is supposed to proper visual amounts of the elongated living room. And also a corner sitting down group may zone the particular lounge region and aesthetically isolate this from a function corner near the window.

1-1-Provence-style-interior-lounge-living-room-design-white-walls-floral-pattern-2-sofas-faux-fireplace-flowers-chandelier-green-accents-pale-yellow-wallpaper-block-parquetry-purple-curtains-work-desk-paneling 1-2-Provence-style-interior-lounge-living-room-design-white-walls-floral-motifs-pattern-2-sofas-faux-fireplace-bookshelves-around-doorway-glass-doors-flowers-chandelier-green-accents-pale-yellow-wallpaper-block

To split up the dining area in the preparation region, it will be organized in a small break, which wouldn’t disrupt insolation of the cooking area. White coatings of kitchen cabinets is going to be refreshed along with wall ceramic tiles with geometrical pattern, plus stripy wallpapers will optically increase the roof h7

2-3-Provence-style-kitchen-interior-design-white-cabinets-geometrical-pattern-floor-tiles-dining-set-ben2od-chairs-bench-recessed-stripy-white-and-blue-wallpaper-glass-cabinets-track-lights-metal-pendant-lamp 2-4-Provence-style-kitchen-interior-design-white-cabinets-geometrical-pattern-floor-tiles-dining-set-ben2od-chairs-bench-recesses-stripy-white-and-blue-wallpaper-lace-tablecloth-track-lights-metal-pendant-lamp 2-2-Provence-style-kitchen-interior-design-vintage-dressing-table-cabinetry-bedside-lamp-lavender-stripy-wallpaper-white-and-blue-floral-curtains-mirror-bird-cage

Genuine People from france interiors can not do without having moldings and the bedroom they’re used not just in the ceiling, but additionally on the wall space. Painted white-colored, they will type makeshift “frames” for flower wallpaper. These will be accompanied by same-style home fabric and furnishings upholstery.


The entry area inside is intended in order to visually take the public plus private areas of the toned together. Gentle decorative boiserie panelling will be coated along with waterproof color, which shows to be a useful decision for any family along with small kids.


The storage space will be arranged in a walk-in closet . It can be visually from the bedroom inner surface by means of exactly the same block parquetry.


To not discriminate some of the 2 kids , their own room is going to be symmetrically equipped by similar pieces of furniture: mattresses with storage space drawers, wardrobes and tables. And inconspicuous greenish plus yellow shades will make certain a nice establishing for kids’ development.

6-1-Provence-style-toddler-kids-room-bedroom-interior-design-white-walls-floral-motifs-pattern-green-and-yellow-wallpaper-white-furniture-symmetrical-design-layout-beds-wall-lamps-desks-balcony-exit-chandelier 6-2-Provence-style-toddler-kids-room-bedroom-interior-design-white-walls-floral-motifs-pattern-green-and-yellow-wallpaper-white-furniture-symmetrical-design-layout-beds-wall-lamps-desks-wardrobes-shutter-doors

The particular porch is going to be insulated plus heated plus designed like a reading plus creativity part.


The particular wet wall space of the bathroom will be confronted with white ceramic tiles along with beveled sides and covered with water-proof purple color at the top. The washing machine is going to be concealed in the cupboard.


The restroom will be completed with 2 types of different tiles. Beveled edges from the white ceramic tiles, a fake wooden water-closet seat and also a lavender container will bring records of France Provence actually to this room’s interior.


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