This particular Sculptural Home Combines Stainless-steel, Concrete Plus Plenty Of Cup

This Sculptural House Brings together Stainless Steel, Cement And Lots of Glass | CONTEMPORIST

This modern house, designed by architect Wallace Cunningham, overlooks the ocean in Carmel, California, and has a sculptural appearance with glass walls and a curved stainless steel roof.

This home, that’s presently for sale and it has been created by architect Wallace Cunningham, overlooks the sea in Carmel, California.

The path along with retaining wall space and gardening leads right down to the front entry of the home, exactly where you’re welcomed by wall space of cup and stainless-steel roof sections by Zahner.

A path with retaining walls and landscaping leads down to the front entrance of this sculptural and modern house, where you are greeted by walls of glass and stainless steel roof panels by Zahner.

Stepping within, the cup continues and offers seamless sights of the sea and floods the family room with sun light.

Walls of glass provide seamless views of the ocean and fills this modern living room with natural light.

Away to the side from the living room is really a bedroom which includes a curled ceiling, that is consistent with the queue of the roofing.

This modern bedroom with ocean views features a curved ceiling that reflects the line of the roof and floor-to-ceiling windows.

High floor-to-ceiling cup walls furthermore make an appearance within the bathroom, exactly where there’s the freestanding white-colored bathtub plus concrete wall space.

In this modern bathroom, concrete walls have been paired with tall floor-to-ceiling glass walls that provide the freestanding white bathtub with garden views.

On the other hand of the family room is the dining area, where sights of each sides of the home are noticeable. High ceilings give the inner surface a grand plus luxurious sensation.

This modern dining room has views of both sides of the house through tall floor-to-ceiling windows.

Via a glass doorway off the dining area and straight down some outside stairs, is really a path leading to landscaped gardens as well as a variety of outside seating locations.

Through a glass door off the dining room in this modern house and down some outdoor stairs, is a path that leads to landscaped gardens and a variety of outdoor seating areas.

Back again inside, your kitchen uses the particular windows like a backsplash, comes with an ocean glowing blue lava rock counter plus sinks, as the cabinets have got an Tabu Italian language Veneer external.

This modern kitchen uses the windows as a backsplash, has an ocean blue lava stone counter and sinks, while the cabinets have an Tabu Italian Veneer exterior.

Alongside the kitchen a few stairs that will lead to extra bedrooms. The particular stairs have limed white walnut treads with the oil complete, and at home, the floors is refined concrete.

The stairs in this modern house have limed white oak treads with an oil finish, and throughout the house, the flooring is polished concrete.

This little area on top of the house has been conducted into a little sitting area.

A small area at the top of this sculptural and modern house has been made into a small sitting room.

Here is a nearer look at in which the glass wall space and stainless-steel roof link.

This modern house, designed by architect Wallace Cunningham, overlooks the ocean in Carmel, California, and has a sculptural appearance with glass walls and a curved stainless steel roof.
The house continues to be listed on the market through Sotheby’s International Realty – here.

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