This particular Modern Aussie House Wraps Around A Courtyard For Interior / Outside Living

This Contemporary Australian Home Wraps In regards to Courtyard Regarding Indoor or Outdoor Residing | CONTEMPORIST

LifeSpaces Group, a building company, have worked together with Auhaus Architecture, to design and build the Courtyard House in Barwon Heads, Australia. #ModernArchitecture #ModernHouse
Photography simply by Mike Baker

LifeSpaces Team, a constructing company, been employed by together with Auhaus Architecture, to develop and develop a new home in Barwon Heads, Quotes.

The house includes a facade associated with horizontal bluestone slabs plus vertical organic hardwood. Front side door towards the home mixes in with the particular vertical wooden slats, making a modern outside.

This modern house has a facade of horizontal bluestone slabs and vertical natural hardwood. The front door to the home blends in with the vertical wood slats, creating a modern exterior. #ModernHouse #Stone #Wood
Digital photography by Paul Baker

Stepping in to the home, you feel aware the fact that house wraps around an indoor courtyard, whilst oak floors adds the warm contact to the rock and dark elements.

Stepping into this modern house, you become aware that the house wraps around an internal courtyard, while oak flooring adds a warm touch to the stone and black elements. #ModernHouse #InteriorDesign
Picture taking by Paul Baker

A dull black cooking area with minimum hardware the statement contrary to the white wall space, while metal fittings give a touch of beauty.

A matte black kitchen with minimal hardware makes a statement against the white walls, while brass fittings add a touch of glamour. #MatteBlack #BlackKitchen #ModernKitchen
Photography simply by Mike Baker

Close to the kitchen may be the dining region with dull black home furniture to match your kitchen.

Matte black furniture in the dining room complements the matte black kitchen in this modern house. #MatteBlack #DiningRoom #Kitchen
Photography simply by Mike Baker

Near the dining room could be the living room. Huge ar2rk pulls your vision to the wall structure, while the rug anchors the furnishings in the open room.

In this modern living room, large ar2rk draws your eye to the wall, while a rug anchors the furniture in the open space. #LivingRoom #ModernInterior
Photography simply by Mike Baker

Each one of the living regions of the home and also one of the rooms opens up towards the courtyard.

Each of the living areas of this modern house as well as one of the bedrooms opens up to the courtyard. #ModernHouse #Courtyard #Architecture
Picture taking by Paul Baker

In the bed room, light azure accents build a calm plus relaxing atmosphere, while the slipping door along with a window offer plenty of sun light.

In this modern bedroom, light blue accents create a calm and relaxing environment, while the sliding door and a window provide plenty of natural light. #ModernBedroom #LightBlue
Photography simply by Mike Baker

The house also has an additional living space, once again, a large part of ar2rk pulls the eye plus adds the pop associated with color towards the room.

This modern living room has a large piece of ar2rk draws the eye and adds a pop of color to the room. #ModernLivingRoom #InteriorDesign
Picture taking by Paul Baker

White smart cabinets range the walls in the home workplace, while the dark desk matches the dark window frames plus ar2rk.

White minimalist cabinets line the wall in this home office, while the black desk complements the black window frames and ar2rk. #ModernHomeOffice #InteriorDesign
Picture taking by Paul Baker

There’s the second office at home (or research station) which is tucked in to a hallway. It offers a long wooden desk plus open wooden shelving, and then to the windowpane is a little library region with a bookcase.

In this modern house, a home office (or homework station) has been tucked into a hallway. It has a long wood desk and open wood shelving, and next to the window is a small library area with a bookcase. #HomeOffice #HomeworkStation #HomeLibrary
Photography simply by Mike Baker

The colour palette utilized throughout the house associated with wood, white-colored and dark, can also be found with the bathrooms. The particular black floors and pride contrast the particular white freestanding bathtub plus accent floor tile wall, as the wood cupboards and a herb add a organic element.

In this modern bathroom, black flooring and a black vanity contrast the white freestanding bathtub and accent tile wall, while the wood cabinets and a plant add a natural element. #ModernBathroom #BathroomDesign
Picture taking by Paul Baker

In one more bathroom, floor-to-ceiling white ceramic tiles cover the particular walls, whilst a skylight adds sun light to the area.

In this modern bathroom, floor-to-ceiling white tiles cover the walls, while a skylight adds natural light to the space. #ModernBathroom #BlackAndWhite #BathroomDesign
Photography simply by Mike Baker | Interior Stylist: Heather Nette Ruler | Home furniture sourced through: Mezai Home furniture

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