This particular House Within Vermont Is certainly Covered Within Re-Purposed Snowfall Fencing

This Home In Vermont Is Protected In Re-Purposed Snow Secure fencing | CONTEMPORIST

Birdseye Design have completed Woodshed, a house located in the foothills of the Green Mountains in Pomfret, Vermont, that was inspired by the designs of woodsheds found in the surrounding areas.
Pictures by John Westphalen

Birdseye Design possess completed Woodshed, a home located in the particular foothills from the Green Hills in Pomfret, Vermont, which was inspired from the designs associated with woodsheds present in the surrounding locations.

This modern house, which is split into 2 asymmetric gable roof forms, is clad in a siding composed of re-purposed snow fencing, so that it already has the natural beauty of the weathered boards.
Pictures by John Westphalen

The house, that is split into 2 asymmetric gable roof types, is clothed in a house composed of re-purposed snow secure fencing, so that it currently has the natural splendor of the weathered boards.

Front side entrance is certainly hidden aside within the house, making it nearly invisible whenever walking previous, with merely a small rock path suggesting where it really is.

This modern house is clad in a siding composed of re-purposed snow fencing, so that it already has the natural beauty of the weathered boards. The front entrance is hidden away within the siding, making it almost invisible when walking past, with only a small stone path telling you where it is.
Photography simply by Jim Westphalen

The particular wood house on the exterior of the home continues to the interior, because seen within the front front entrance, that’s main to the house.

The re-purposed wood siding on the exterior of this modern house continues through to the interior, as seen here in the front entryway, that's central to the home.
Photography simply by Jim Westphalen

Reverse the front entrance is a doorway that leads in order to an outdoor enjoyable space having a couch, a few armchairs plus an outdoor firepit. From this position of the home, you will see the 2 various sections of the home that are divided by the front entrance.

Opposite the entryway in this modern wood house is a door that leads out to an outdoor entertaining space with a couch, a couple of armchairs and an outdoor firepit.
Photography simply by Jim Westphalen

On a single side, there is an amusement room and games area with a club and a double-sided fireplace.

This modern house in Vermont has an entertainment room / games room with a bar and a double sided fireplace.
Digital photography by Rick Westphalen

There’s the living room using a corner couch that wraps around the area, and black framed windows allow plenty of sun light into the space and provide sights of the scenery outside.

This contemporary living room has a corner sofa that wraps around the space, and black framed windows let plenty of natural light into the room and provide views of the landscape outside.
Digital photography by John Westphalen

At the various other end of the home, there’s an additional living room, on this occasion with a dangling fireplace. This particular end of the home also consists of 2 rooms with in room bathrooms, in addition to a kitchen.

This modern living room has plenty of windows for natural light and views of the landscape outside, as well as a hanging fireplace for when it gets cold.
Pictures by Rick Westphalen | Landscape style by Wagner Hodgson Scenery Architects | Interior design simply by William Captain christopher Design | Builder – Colby & Tobiason

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