This particular House Was created To Cover Around A Huge Swimming Pool

This Home Was Designed In order to Wrap In regards to Large Pool | CONTEMPORIST

Atelier Design N Domain have completed this new contemporary home in Alibagh, a coastal town in India, as a place to get away from the busy urban life.
Pictures by Sebastian Zachariah

Atelier Design And Domain possess completed this particular new modern home within Alibagh, the coastal city in Indian, as a spot to get away from the particular busy metropolitan life.

In front of the home is really a large bent stone wall structure that evolves into a water fountain at 1 end.

At the front of this modern house is a large curved stone wall that turns into a water feature at one end.
Photography simply by Sebastian Zachariah

Operating alongside water feature is definitely an open hall that allows for that sun in order to shine by means of during the day, with night, it could be lit on with a more spectacular entrance.

The entry hallway of this modern house is designed to allows the sun to shine through during the day, and at night, it can be lit up for a more dramatic entrance.
Pictures by Sebastian Zachariah

At the end of the particular hallway, you might be greeted by swimming pool plus it’s easy to understand that the home wraps around it.

This modern house wraps around a large swimming pool.
Photography simply by Sebastian Zachariah

On a single side from the pool is definitely living areas, and on lack of is a pavilion with sleeping rooms.

The living spaces and bedrooms of this modern house are located on either side of the swimming pool.
Photography simply by Sebastian Zachariah

Whilst, each finish of the swimming pool also has extra living areas, like this hot-tub and submerged lounge region, that’s encircled by much more water.

This modern house has an outdoor hot-tub and sunken lounge area, that's surrounded by a water feature.
Pictures by Sebastian Zachariah

At the various other end from the pool is really a swim-up pub and a backyard dining table.

This modern house has a large swimming pool, a swim-up bar and an outdoor dining area.
Picture taking by Sebastian Zachariah

The outside dining region provides the ideal spot for lunchtime, and links the main residing area towards the bedrooms.

This modern outdoor dining area provides the perfect spot for lunch, and connects the main living area to the bedrooms.
Pictures by Sebastian Zachariah

The main residing and eating area offers walls associated with sliding cup doors, along with one aspect opening up towards the pool and the other side, the manicured lawn.

The main living and dining area of this modern house has walls of sliding glass doors, with one side opening up to the pool and on the other side, a manicured lawn.
Picture taking by Sebastian Zachariah

Here’s a glance at one of the sleeping rooms that rests beside the swimming pool. A simple wooden light fitting adorns the particular wall, and also a sliding cup door enables natural light as well as the breeze in order to enter the area.

In this poolside modern bedroom, a simple wood light fixture adorns the wall, while a sliding glass door allows natural light and the breeze to enter the room.
Photography simply by Sebastian Zachariah

For that children of the home, there’s a unique area only for them, the cantilevered area that features the wood package within a cup box. This particular cantilevered area has huge floor-to-ceiling home windows that keep an eye out onto your garden.

For the children that live in this modern house, there's a special area just for them, a cantilevered room that features a wood box within a glass box. This cantilevered space has large floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto the garden.
Photography simply by Sebastian Zachariah

Consist of areas of the home, it is obvious that the proprietors like race horses, with 2 art items gracing the house, a vibrant standalone equine and a cable outline of the horse within the wall over a dive pool.

A horse sculpture adds a pop of color to this modern house.
Pictures by Sebastian Zachariah
The wire outline of a horse on the wall above a plunge pool adds an artistic touch to this modern house.
Photography simply by Sebastian Zachariah | Partners: Ar Shobhan Kothari and Ar Anand Menon

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