This particular House Offers One Finish Surrounded Simply by Glass Upon Three Edges

This Home Has One particular End Encircled By Cup On 3 Sides | CONTEMPORIST

This modern villa has one end completely surrounded by glass that allows the living room to out onto the garden. #ModernHouse #HouseDesign #Architecture
Photography simply by Ronald Tilleman

Married couple Theo Reitsema, a good architect, plus Stephanie Weitering, an interior developer, spent per year living in a home that goes back to 1967 to see exactly what would be the easiest way to up-date the home.

The home has a decrease level that is covered within dark stucco. A walked path potential clients from the front yard to the entry way.

This modern 2-storey house has a lower level that's covered in dark stucco and is home to a double garage and a home office. A stepped path leads from the driveway to the front door. #ModernHouse #Landscaping #Architecture
Pictures by Ronald Tilleman

The primary floor of the house has one particular end encircled by cup on 3 sides, permitting the family room, kitchen plus dining room to get views from the garden. A brand new wood act is showcased on the staying exterior of the home.

The main floor of this modern house has one end surrounded by glass on 3 sides, allowing the living room, kitchen and dining room to have views of the garden. #ModernHouse #Windows #GlassWalls #Architecture
Photography by Ronald Tilleman

Inside, the ground and roof, as well as the furniture have been held bright, permitting natural light in order to reflect through the entire interior.

Inside this modern house, the floor and ceiling, as well as the furnishings have been kept bright, allowing natural light to reflect throughout the interior. #WhiteInterior #GlassWalls #ModernLivingRoom #Fireplace #Windows
Picture taking by Ronald Tilleman

At the rear of the family room, kitchen plus dining room, can be another living region called ‘The Garden Room’. This area is more dark and cozier, with a fire place, a wrap-around bench plus wood paneling. Bi-fold doorways open the space to the outside creating a easy transition between your room as well as the garden outdoors.

This modern 'Garden Room' has a fireplace, a wrap-around bench and wood paneling. Bi-fold doors open the room to the outdoors creating a smooth transition between the room and the garden outside. #Fireplace #Bench #DiningRoom #InteriorDesign
Photography by Ronald Tilleman

On the side of the home, you can see that will sliding doorways open the particular dining region to the porch, while the bi-fold doors from the Garden Area can also be observed.

This modern villa has multiple doors that open the interior up to the deck and garden outside. #Architecture #HouseDesign #Deck #Doors
Photography by Ronald Tilleman | Landscape style: Landlab, Arnhem | Structural engineers: Lucassen, Hengelo | Builder: Bouwbedrijf Hulshof | Set up engineers: Loohuis Meulenbeld, Almelo | Gardening: Van Eden Hoveniers, Holten | Inside construction: JRS interieurbouw, Rijssen | First architect: M. Abma (Amsterdam)

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