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This Home Takes Advantage Of The Elevated Sights Of The Shoreline | CONTEMPORIST

Open Studio Pty Ltd Architecture have created a modern house near Melbourne, Australia, that's surrounded by water and bushland, and was designed for a couple, their dog and visiting friends and family.
Digital photography © Open up Studio Pty Ltd

Open up Studio Pty Ltd Structures have developed a house close to Melbourne, Sydney, that’s encircled by drinking water and bushland, and was created for a few, their canine, and going to friends and family.

In the street, the particular view uncovers that it is an elevated 2-storey home. Prudent in it is foot-print, most of the site continues to be untouched permitting vegetation to develop naturally.

This modern elevated 2-storey house is discreet in it's foot-print, with the majority of the site remaining untouched allowing for vegetation to grow naturally.
Photography © Open Facilities Pty Limited

On the other finish of the house, guarded balconies plus decks possess uninterrupted sights of the seaside, and a basic color scheme permits the home in order to blend in using its natural environment.

This modern beach house has protected balconies and decks with uninterrupted views of the beach. A simple color scheme allows for the home to blend in with its natural surroundings.
Photography © Open Facility Pty Limited

The particular entry towards the home is definitely subtle plus organic, using the wood doorway being presented by concrete pipe planters. The exterior of the house is protected in brownish Australian hard wood architectural sections.

The entry to this modern house is subtle and organic, with the wood door being framed by cement pipe planters. The exterior of the home is covered in brown Australian hardwood architectural panels.
Photography © Open Studio room Pty Limited

On entering the house and to the particular left from the front door may be the master bedroom, that is lightly embellished with a little built-in table and suspended shelves over, as well as a wooden headboard. The bed room opens up to some wood outdoor with sights of the encircling landscape.

This modern master bedroom is lightly decorated with a small built-in desk and floating shelves above, as well as a wood headboard. The bedroom with dark wood flooring, opens up to a wood patio with views of the surrounding landscape.
Digital photography © Open up Studio Pty Ltd

To the correct of the entry is another bed room. Again, just decorated within white along with dark hard wood floors, this particular room using a large ground to roof window, includes a beautiful see of the plant life at the front of the home.

This modern bedroom is simply decorated in white with dark hardwood floors, this room with a large floor to ceiling window, has a beautiful view of the vegetation at the front of the house.
Photography © Open Facility Pty Limited

Darkish hardwood floors is showcased throughout the house that clashes the white-colored walls. Proceeding upstairs, the most popular areas of the house are uncovered. At the top of the particular stairs, there is the option of entering the residing area, or even accessing the top through a cup door.

Dark hardwood flooring is featured throughout this modern house contrasts the white walls. Heading upstairs, the common areas of the home are revealed. At the top of the stairs, there's the option of going into the living area, or accessing the roof through a glass door.
Picture taking © Open up Studio Pty Ltd

The family room and eating area discuss the same area, but encounter away from one another to create splitting up. The family room faces front side of the home, as the dining region faces the rear of the home. The particular minimalist whitened kitchen continues the space clean and practical.

In this modern beach house, the living room and dining area share the same space, but face away from each other to create separation. The living room faces the front of the home, while the dining area faces the back of the home. The minimalist white kitchen keeps the space uncluttered and functional.
Photography © Open Facility Pty Limited

The particular dining region opens up to some covered porch that has sufficient room intended for seating. The particular balcony includes a cut-out at the left wall structure allowing for a complete view from the beach.

The dining area in this modern beach house opens up to a covered balcony that has ample room for seating. The balcony has a cut-out on the left wall allowing for a full view of the beach.
Digital photography © Open up Studio Pty Ltd

To fully be familiar with layout of the beach home, take a look at the particular detailed flooring plan.

This is the floor plan for a modern beach house with 2 levels.
Flooring plans © Open up Studio Pty Ltd

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