Thermally Modified Wooden: Super Level of resistance & Simply no Chemicals!

Can you visualize eco-friendly wooden that can be used in an incredibly harsh atmosphere, like a restroom, a pool deck, home siding or even roofing, plus last flawlessly without any therapy with chemical substances? Even today the thought of having a good environmentally friendly materials with this kind of characteristics appears unreal. However it does can be found!


What exactly is thermally altered wood?

Therefore , this materials is named thermally modified wooden. This is wooden that was thermally treated with the temperature associated with 185-230 levels Celsius with no adding any kind of chemical substances. Throughout time thermally modified wooden doesn’t modify its angles: it does not contract, increase, cast or even crack. This doesn’t decay even in drinking water and does not require any kind of chemical therapy. It’s unquestionably firm in order to influence associated with micro-organisms plus corrosion. It offers denser construction and keeps the heat within winter plus coolness within summer 30% better than some other sawn wood types. In order to crown everything, even the least expensive species of wooden obtain over loaded noble darkish tints associated with fine wooden and become full-thickness-colorized after heat treatment.

Therefore, thermally altered wood brings together eco-friendliness associated with natural wooden and important physical plus mechanical qualities.


Just how it works?

Comprehensive research associated with both theoretical and useful aspects of high temperature treatment of wooden was held within the 1990s simply by several Europe: France, Finland and the Holland. Eventually, VTT Technical Analysis Centre associated with Finland invented the following technologies.

The first as well as the longest stage is desiccation. This way the particular moisture content material in wooden is reduced to nearly 0%. The particular processing period depends on the preliminary moisture articles, type of associated with wood plus thickness associated with timber.

The following stage is definitely thermal customization per se. This process is in a closed holding chamber by the temperatures of 185-215 degrees Grad in the lack of oxygen. The particular role from the protective atmosphere is performed by vapor: it each prevents wooden from shooting up plus gets included into chemical substance modification procedures that wooden goes through.

Right after heat therapy, wood can be hardened away within 5-15 hours. It really is being cooled down off till the moisture content material is reduced to 5-7%. The latter situation is meticulously monitored, considering that too dried out wood is not really so effortlessly worked up.


Visual adjustments

The modify that you can notice with the nude eye will be the change associated with wood materials. It becomes a lot more visible plus gets the dark, over loaded noble color, uniform on the entire mix section. However, cheapest varieties of wood appearance rich plus exotic right after heat therapy. Hereafter any kind of processing will be allowed, which includes brushing, varnishing and ar2rk.


Chemical substance changes

As a result of thermal damage of hemicelluloses in wooden, it is not likely to broaden or agreement; the balance moisture plus acidity degree decrease. Simultaneously the materials remains unquestionably eco-friendly.


Physical modifications

Resistance associated with thermally altered wood in order to expansion or even contraction because of temperature plus moisture modifications is 10 to 15 times up to that of non-treated wood. Apart from, such wooden becomes anti-corrosive.

The humidity content is definitely 4-6 instances less than right after conventional commercial drying, as well as the level of dampness absorption is definitely decreased simply by 80%; thermally modified wooden won’t decay even in drinking water.

Resistance to natural effects is certainly increased twenty 5 times, with no disinfectant therapy.

Heat insulating material properties are usually increased simply by 30%, that makes thermally revised wood an ideal material with regard to building saunas and outside and indoor trim associated with houses.


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