The way to a Match a Big Screen, Shower Log cabin & Infrared Sauna within 7 Sq M.

How to area a bathroom device including WC without any design changes? May a full-on sauna end up being arranged in the common town apartment? The way to dress up a huge window your bathroom has? The particular answers to and many other queries can be found in the post.


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Getting a bathroom having a big windows in a usual city residence is an exemption rather than the principle. Especially when it is a house built before Ww ii. And when they have a complete area of 6. 7 sq . meters , this seems like a miracle. The particular owners of the flat – the bride and groom – compensated much focus on these 2 elements when they would look for a future family members nest. The whole apartment had been totally re-planned, but the bathing room was held in its initial form.

Particular requirements

Here at their initial meeting with the writer of the home design project the particular masters introduced they baldly wanted to possess a home infrared sauna set up in the restroom. Besides this particular quite unique wish, these people wanted another walk-in bath , the roomy pride unit plus at least one a lot more storage place , the toilet , a delete word shower , a hot water heater and a built/in acoustic loudspeaker . In making all of these desires come true, the particular architects needed to increase the overall bathroom region a little bit (up to 7 1 . sq . meters) simply by cutting the particular corridor, nevertheless rectangular form was effectively preserved.


How to area a bathroom through finishes

Inside a bathroom device including WC functional plus visual zoning of the area plays an excellent role. The particular architects was able to divide the bedroom into practical areas through finishing components. The most eye-catchy part of the area is the alleged “wet zone” : the drop-shaped bath tub by Kolpa San Amadis and a walk-in shower next to it are usually accentuated along with ceramic ceramic tiles of different platforms and designs. The roof above it was slipped for the sake of constructing in roof lights, the tropical bath head plus an traditional acoustic speaker that will plays songs when somebody takes a shower.

The walk-in shower can be physically divided from the shower with a cup partition plus visually – with different small ceramic tiles in glowing blue blue . The same ceramic tiles were utilized for finishing the particular flush bath tray, the particular doorway and also a peculiar baseboard along the edge of the space.


The particular bathtub area is in comparison faced with lighting large-format ceramic tiles imitating marbled texture . The windowsill level did not coincide with all the bathtub top edge, however the architects flipped this truth into a benefit. Faced with exactly the same faux marbled tiles, this now performs the function of a rack for keeping versatile restroom accessories plus cosmetics. The faucet along with a shower mind are built in to the bathtub edge, and the windowpane is decked out with pleated blinds.


The rest of the wall space and the doorway are covered with water-resistant paint associated with milk chocolate shade , which usually brings together both contrasting wall structure tile varieties and ceramic granite placed on the floor.


An infrared sauna within an apartment: feasible or not?


To apply the idea of the walk-in infrared home spa the designers had to compromise a part of the corridor region. All the specialized systems are usually concealed in a partition isolating the spa from the bathroom. A good restroom interior design task as a general rule does not show up the bathroom . immediately upon entering the space. The same holds true about this space: to hide the toilet dish by Roca Element, the particular above-mentioned partition was extended with a drywall construction plus equipped with a couple of glass racks from the WC side, which usually play the particular role of the bonus storage space. Mounted over the spa was a hot water heater , that is practically unseen.

5-1-modern-bathroom-interior-design-with-walk-in-infrared-home-sauna-azure-blue-tiles-gray-painted-wall-door-tall-wall-mounted-storage-cabinet 5-2-walk-in-home-infrared-sauna-wooden-bench-hat-towel

The opposite walls features a partly handmade pride unit crowned with a top-mounted drop-shaped kitchen sink made from organic basalt , which fits the bath tub form. A typical IKEA clean basin cupboard was confronted with a wood countertop and therefore changed nearly beyond reputation. Also, it has an elegant high wall-mounted cupboard, which is the particular bonus storage space zone the particular hosts desired so much. A good ornamental reflect above the particular sink is definitely complemented using a functional walls lamp simply by SLV.


And as an added bonus for you we all prepared a listing of tips comprised by the writers of the project…

Tips from your authors from the project:

  1. If you’re the lucky proprietor of an residence with a free-pattern planning, pay out special attention for your corridors – there’s an excellent chance that you could legally increase the size of your bathroom simply by cutting the particular hallway partly.
  2. Don’t think twice to drop the particular ceiling within the shower log cabin: it’s a great way to build within a tropical bath head plus ceiling lamps.
  3. Built-in walls recesses within bathroom plus shower specific zones are always much better than bathroom shelves both through practical plus aesthetical elements.
  4. Wall ceramic tiles are suggested for damp zones just; in other areas of the room you might safely utilize waterproof color. It’s a far more interesting plus money-saving remedy.
  5. If your bathing room is regular-shaped, with no unnecessary buttresses plus ledges, please accentuate various functional areas with flexible materials plus tiles various formats.


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