The top Of This Brand new Extension Figure Upwards To give Sunlight Plus a View From the Original Home

The Roof Of the New Expansion Curves Up-wards To Provide Sunshine And A Watch Of The Initial House | CONTEMPORIST

Ben Callery Architects have recently completed a contemporary extension to a brick house in Melbourne, Australia, that's home to a new open plan living space with a home office, dining area and kitchen.
Photography simply by Tatjana Plitt

Ben Callery Architects possess recently finished a modern extension to some brick home in Melbourne, Australia.

Recognized, which brings to the yard, has a wood deck along with built-in seats, with the stairways acting being an additional place to sit down. Folding black-framed doors could be closed during the night, however they do not block the particular view from the garden because they are cup, and in the daytime, the sunshine can ton the interior.

This modern house extension, which opens up to the backyard, has a wooden deck with built-in seating, with the stairs acting as an additional spot to sit. Folding black-framed doors can be closed at night, however they don't block the view of the garden as they are glass, and during the day, the sunlight can flood the interior.
Photography simply by Tatjana Plitt

Recognized is home to a brand new open strategy room having a living region, dining area, home office plus kitchen. Round the top of the expansion, a edge of clerestory windows boosts the roof plus curves upward at the end nearest to the primary house, using the other finish cantilevering on the back porch. The contour of the roof draws the attention upwards to help make the space show up larger than it really is.

This modern house extension has an open plan room with a living area, dining space, home office and kitchen. Around the top of the extension, a perimeter of clerestory windows raises the roof and curves up at the end closest to the original house, with the other end cantilevering over the back deck. The curve of the ceiling draws the eye upwards to make the space appear larger than it is.
Photography simply by Tatjana Plitt

An easy color palette associated with wood, dark, white plus touches associated with grey are usually broken up by using plants through the entire space. The house office includes a built-in table that proceeds into the residing area to be an enjoyment cabinet. Over the wooden desk are usually matching suspended wood racks with curled corners that will reflect the particular curves present in the clerestory windows.

The home office has a built-in desk that continues into the living area to become an entertainment cabinet. Above the wood desk are matching floating wood shelves with curved corners that reflect the curves found in the clerestory windows.
Digital photography by Tatjana Plitt

In the kitchen, the particular black plus wood cupboards are combined with whitened countertops and also a light gray fish range patterned floor tile. A pre-installed wine rack is roofed in the type of the kitchen tropical isle, and at the final of the higher wood cupboards, curved part shelves match with the racks above the particular desk.

In this modern kitchen, the black and wood cabinets are paired with white countertops and a light grey fish scale patterned tile. A built-in wine rack is included in the design of the kitchen island, and at the end of the upper wood cabinets, curved corner shelves tie in with the shelves above the desk.
Digital photography by Tatjana Plitt

Other parts of the house received up-dates, like in the restroom. The heritage areas of the house were retained, such as this brick wall structure that’s been still left on display rather than covered upward.

In this updated bathroom with large dark grey tiles and a white freestanding bathtub, the heritage parts of the house were retained, like the brick wall that's been left on display instead of covered up.
Photography simply by Tatjana Plitt

Here is a look at recognized that displays what it seems like at night, with the same time displays how the roofing is ‘popped’ up from your main framework.

This modern house extension has the roof 'popped' up from the structure, and it allows for clerestory windows to let the light in and provides a view of the original home.
Photography simply by Tatjana Plitt | Builder: Keenan Built

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Ben Callery Architects have recently completed a contemporary extension to a brick house in Melbourne, Australia, that's home to a new open plan living space with a home office, dining area and kitchen, and opens out onto a wood deck with built-in seating.

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