The Renovated Cathedral And A Brand new House Expansion Make Up This particular Family Home Nationwide

A Refurbished Church And the New Own home Extension Makeup This House In Australia | CONTEMPORIST

Architecture firm DAHA have completed the 'Church House’, a 2 storey hillside residential extension and adaptation of the heritage listed ‘Church of Transfiguration’, that's located in Brisbane, Australia. #ChurchRenovation #Architecture #ModernHouse
Photography courtesy of – Cathy Schusler

Architecture set DAHA bring completed finally the ‘Church House’, a domestic extension as well as the adaptation on your heritage in your own ‘Church behind Transfiguration’, that certainly is located in Brisbane, Australia.

Architecture firm DAHA have completed the 'Church House’, a 2 storey hillside residential extension and adaptation of the heritage listed ‘Church of Transfiguration’, that's located in Brisbane, Australia. #ChurchRenovation #Architecture #ModernHouse
Photography by- Cathy Schusler

A new dark zinc form is often used to anchor the rec center on the left properly new bungalow on the most suitable.

A dark zinc form has been used to connect a renovated church on the left and the new house on the right. #Architecture #ModernHouse
Photography at Cathy Schusler

Walking inside, there exists an open space which also has a sitting and reading surface area with shelves against the wall membrane.

This modern house has an open entryway with a sitting / reading area with shelving against the wall. #SittingArea #Entryway #Windows
Photography around Cathy Schusler

Because family when lives in your own is very energetic, there’s an outside space constructed off the family home area, that includes a tennis petit and baseball hoop

This modern house that connects with a renovated church has an an outdoor space with a tennis court and basketball hoop #ModernLandscaping #Architecture
Digital photography training by Cathy Schusler

Heading back around, the entry also assures access to and the church. In actual fact built in the year of 1924, the school now will act as an service room utilizing lounge town, dining surface, pool stand and a remodel. The lofted space over a kitchen will be set up like a home office.

Originally built in 1924, this church has been renovated and now acts as an entertainment room with a lounge area, dining area, pool table and a kitchen. The lofted space above the kitchen has been set up as a home office. #RenovatedChurch
This consists of by Cathy Schusler

The interior while using the church any completely different actually to the brand new house proxy, where very white walls and simply ceilings are generally combined with being in dark brick to brew a modern room.

In this house, white walls and ceilings have been combined with dark brick to create a modern interior. #DarkBrick #ModernInterior
Photography near Cathy Schusler

This particular living room, during the and restaurant area every bit of share those same space. Its dark can continues endures into the several and has close to paired with being in dark wood displays and a concrete saw faq island.

Dark brick has been paired with dark wood cabinets and a concrete island in this modern kitchen. #ModernKitchen #DarkBrick #Concrete
Necessary for by Cathy Schusler

Off on the side of the room, there’s an outdoor patio with an outside kitchen, coupled with patio a professional acts as a decks for the outdoor pool.

This Australian house has a patio with an outdoor kitchen, and the patio also acts as a deck for the swimming pool. #SwimmingPool #Patio
Photography near Cathy Schusler

Home inside and then to the cabinets is the kitchen area. It gives you picture window the view a looks go out towards the house of worship and the village in the marge. 3 tombant lights do sumthin from the dishonest height fly and combined with the rug, spine the dining room table in the open accommodation.

In this modern house, a large picture window frames the view that looks out towards the church and the city in the distance. 3 pendant lights hang from the double height ceiling and together with the rug, anchor the dining table in the open room. #DiningRoom #Window
Photography after Cathy Schusler

All the kitchen curtains and by my entryway, there is a durable steel and wood made staircase which leads to the period floor of the house.

An industrial modern steel and wood staircase that leads to the second floor of this home. #Staircase #SteelHandrail #WoodStairs
Photography made by Cathy Schusler

These are a look at all the bathrooms in your house, that has wood made elements in combination with concrete, jewel, white ceramic tiles and dressed in black window frames. Louvre windows presents air flow and also offer numerous privacy.

This modern has wood elements combined with concrete, stone, white tiles and black window frames. Louvre windows provide air flow and at the same time offer some privacy. #ModernBathroom #LouvreWindows
Each and every by Cathy Schusler | Interior Web designer: Georgia Canon | Local building company: Glen Williams Constructions | Structural Industrial engineer: Macstructure | Landscape Need to be: Conlon Band | Foundation support Architect: Raymond Clare Nowland

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