The particular rocks out of this property had been used to develop this oceanfront house

The stones from this property or home were utilized to build this particular oceanfront home | CONTEMPORIST

This modern house in Taiwan has been designed for indoor/outdoor living and has 3 levels, with a rooftop deck, main living and sleeping level and a swimming pool level.
Pictures by Kuomin Lee

Create+Think Design Studio have designed a home on the eastern coast associated with Taiwan named A’tolan, meaning a location with many stones.

The house is situated on a sloped lot which was full of stones. When individuals rocks had been excavated for making room for that house, the particular rocks had been then utilized to build a few of the walls at home and gardening. The home covers over 3 levels such as rice patty terraces.

This modern stone, steel, concrete and wood house in Taiwan has been designed for indoor/outdoor living and has 3 levels, with a rooftop deck, main living and sleeping level and a swimming pool level.
Photography simply by Kuomin Shelter

Getting into the home, it is simple to see the excavated rocks that will now constitute some of the wall space.

This modern house used the rocks excavated from the ground to build some of the walls.
Photography simply by Kuomin Shelter

Left of the front entrance is the alfresco dining room, that is open to the outside and has continuous views from the Pacific Sea. A wooden lined roof provides defense against the sun and rain.

This alfresco dining room in a modern house is open to the outdoors and has uninterrupted views of the Pacific Ocean. A wood lined ceiling provides protection from the sun and rain.
Pictures by Kuomin Lee

On the other side from the stone wall structure is the kitchen area, outdoor porch and bed room. The outside deck includes a water feature that will turns into the waterfall to the lower degree, home for an infinity pool.

This modern house has an outdoor deck with a a water feature that turns into a waterfall on the lower level, home to an infinity swimming pool.
Photography simply by Kuomin Shelter

Your kitchen opens up towards the deck meant for complete interior / outside living. The particular living part of the home is situated outdoors, very easy access to your kitchen is a should. The dark kitchen fits the dark steel framework of the house, whilst a wood countertop fits the porch, and a cup backsplash enables a watch through to the particular rocks at the rear of it. By utilizing glass, additionally, it lets the particular rocks show up as a ar2rk. When needed, your kitchen can be shut off towards the elements along with accordion cup doors.

This black kitchen with a wooden countertop opens up to the deck for complete indoor / outdoor living. By using clear glass for the kitchen backsplash, it lets the rocks in the garden appear as a piece of art. When needed, the kitchen can be closed off to the elements with accordion glass doors.
Digital photography by Kuomin Lee

Off aside of the kitchen area and outside living room could be the bedroom. A sizable pivoting cup window could be opened for your ocean wind to go through, as well as the window sill then turns into a bench.

In this modern bedroom, a large pivoting glass window can be opened for the ocean breeze to drift through, and the window sill then becomes a bench.
Pictures by Kuomin Lee

Looking into the bed room from the porch, the blackened wood accessory wall is really a bold declaration, while the lighter in weight wood plus hidden illumination in the roof draws your own eye up-wards, making the area appear bigger than it is.

Looking into this modern bedroom through a large pivoting window, the blackened wood accent wall is a bold statement, while the lighter wood and hidden lighting in the ceiling draws your eye upwards, making the room appear larger than it is.
Digital photography by Kuomin Lee

Next to the bed room is the restroom. A circular mirror is certainly hung over the light weight aluminum sink plus wooden pride. Around the corner through the vanity could be the shower that will gets lots of natural light through the skylight and door leading outdoors.

In this modern bathroom, a round mirror is hung above the aluminum sink and wooden vanity. Around the corner from the vanity is the shower that gets plenty of natural light from the skylight and door leading outside.
Photography simply by Kuomin Shelter

Away from to the side from the bathroom plus bedroom is really a more personal deck, having a sunken outside bathtub.

This modern bedroom has a private wooden deck with a sunken outdoor bathtub.
Pictures by Kuomin Lee

Behind the restroom and at the finish of the outdoor patio is a group of wood plus steel stairways leading up to the top.

This modern house has a set of wood and steel stairs leading up to the roof.
Photography simply by Kuomin Shelter

On the top is the caribbean deck, along with ocean sights as far as the attention can see. The particular plants within the black planters on the roof really are a variety of herbal products that are utilized in the kitchen.

On the roof of this modern house is a rooftop deck, with ocean views as far as the eye can see. The plants in the black planters on the roof are a variety of herbs that are used in the kitchen.
Picture taking by Kuomin Lee

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