The particular Magnolia Home by Rerucha Studio

The Magnolia House simply by Rerucha Recording studio | CONTEMPORIST

Architecture and interiors design firm Rerucha Studio, have recently completed the Magnolia House in Seattle, Washington, that's been designed with lots of light and a classic yet modern feel.
Pictures by Lara Swimmer

Structures and internal design firm Rerucha Studio, possess recently finished the Magnolia House within Seattle, Wa, that’s been developed with lots associated with light and also a classic however modern really feel.

Architecture and interiors design firm Rerucha Studio, have recently completed the Magnolia House in Seattle, Washington, that's been designed with lots of light and a classic yet modern feel.
Digital photography by Lara Swimmer

Moving inside the house, the large main grid windows ton the interior along with natural light and supply views away onto the road. The family room, located in front of the house, is targeted on a pre-installed fireplace, whilst behind the particular couch may be the dining region with a wooden dining table.

Stepping inside this contemporary home, the large grid windows flood the interior with natural light and provide views out onto the street. The living room, located at the front of the house, is focused on a built-in fireplace, while behind the couch is the dining area with a wood dining table.
Picture taking by Lara Swimmer

More into the home is the cooking area. A large gray marble piece at the end of your kitchen is lighted and turns into a backdrop that is visible from the inside and away. A large kitchen island using a sink plus plenty of storage space, provides sufficient food preparation space.

This contemporary kitchen features a large grey marble slab at the end of the kitchen is illuminated and becomes a backdrop that's visible from inside and out. A large kitchen island with a sink and plenty of storage, provides ample food prep space.
Digital photography by Lara Swimmer

Slipping doors with the food prep open up towards the grassy garden. The yard has a see of the washing behind the particular garage in addition to a small mass media room, that is located alongside the kitchen.

Sliding doors in the kitchen of this modern house open up to the grassy backyard. The backyard has a view of the laundry behind the garage and also a small media room, that's located next to the kitchen.
Digital photography by Lara Swimmer

Back again inside, there are a set of stairways behind your kitchen leading up to the particular sleeping parts of the home. Darkish wood treads are a solid contrast towards the white wall space.

This set of modern stairs lead up to the sleeping areas of this house. Dark wood treads are a strong contrast to the white walls.
Photography by Lara Swimmer

In the master suite, the large main grid windows plus fireplace create another look, while the remaining room continues to be kept fairly neutral except for the bright Tummy chair plus ottoman.

In this contemporary master bedroom, large grid windows provide plenty of natural light and fireplace make the room feel cozy, while the rest of the room has been kept neutral except for a bright Womb chair and ottoman.
Pictures by Lara Swimmer

Within the master bathing room, a large pride with double sinks operates the length of the area and a cup shower encompass keeps the area feeling shiny and well-ventilated.

In this contemporary master bathroom, a large vanity with dual sinks runs the length of the room and a glass shower surround keeps the room feeling bright and airy.
Photography by Lara Swimmer

At the top of the home, there’s a personal yoga studio room that leads to onto the rooftop outdoor patio with sights of the community.

At the top of this modern house, there's a private yoga studio that opens up onto a rooftop deck with views of the neighborhood.
Photography by Lara Swimmer

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