The particular Grasshopper Facilities And Courtyard By Wittman Estes

The Grasshopper Studio Plus Courtyard Simply by Wittman Esses | CONTEMPORIST

This modern backyard studio has floor-to-ceiling glass walls and a carport. #ModernBackyardStudio #Architecture
Picture taking by Nic Lehoux

Seattle-based Wittman Estes, brought by a husband-wife team, a good architect plus landscape developer, have created the Grasshopper Studio plus Courtyard within their own yard.

Maintaining the little footprint of the 1940s home, the developers added a multi-functional studio across the rear street. This allowed a space for any courtyard to become created having a central made terrace having a protected personal area with regard to dining, enjoyable, lounging plus year-round perform. A main Silk woods provides dappled shade within summer.

This courtyard between the main house and a backyard studio features a central paved terrace with a protected private area for dining, entertaining, lounging and year-round play. A central Silk tree provides dappled shade in summer. #Courtyard #Garden #Landscaping
Photography by Nic Lehoux

The open up plan facility has been made to encourage optimum flexibility, from it being able to be taken for going to guests, like a utility/workshop area, and as the play area for the primary house.

This modern backyard studio has been designed to encourage maximum flexibility, with it being able to be used for visiting guests, as a utility/workshop space, and as a play space for the main house. #BackyardStudio
Picture taking by Nic Lehoux

Slipping wood slat barn doorways hide a little bathroom plus storage to get a variety of products.

Sliding wood slat barn doors hide a small bathroom and storage for a variety of items. #BarnDoors
Photography by Nic Lehoux

A pavilion roof reaches form the carport plus outdoor class space in late the recording studio.

A pavilion roof extends to form a carport and outdoor workshop space at the end of this modern backyard studio. #BackyardStudio #ModernArchitecture #Carport
Photography by Nic Lehoux | Architecture: Wittman Estes (Matt Wittman plus Jody Estes) | Design: Greg Winger Construction, Traditional western Sound Cement Works

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