The particular Countryside Idyll: How to Renew a New Living Room?


Occasionally all you need in order to magically change a room is really a can associated with paint and some meters associated with sweet material. An original colour scheme plus textile associated with versatile colours and designs are wonderful means for relaxing an interior rapidly and cheaply. And this is specially true regarding a summer season cottage: the particular change is very money-saving and incredibly impressive!


The family room we’re likely to show you nowadays is pretty large: its complete area is certainly 22 sq . meters. However it didn’t appearance that large and well-ventilated initially, along with plain white-colored walls, little windows plus old couches that were inadequate for an metropolitan apartment from the hosts any more. The entire style here has been made with specifically practical elements in mind, with no one cared for about the ornamental component. However, when the developing of the new came to an end, the particular masters noticed that something has been missing within their interior. Yet what was this? This query was tackled to a few qualified creative designers, and they instantly came up with a solution: beauty plus warm environment is what we want.

The particular starting point for that designers’ task was a very huge fireplace . Luckily, it experienced nice sizes and was located perfectly – in the center of the room and opposite the particular doorway. This particular allowed for that establishment of the balanced shaped composition using a fireplace as being a centerpiece. Left and correct of it place were the wrought metal whatnot plus a corner screen cabinet. To both sides from the entrance presently there appeared a few sofas: a huge corner a single and a small double sofa.


The fire place was also the particular piece of inside that established the color scheme of the family room. The dark brown color of glazed tiles it really is faced with has been complemented having a deep glowing blue hue. To begin with the wall space of the space were covered with Rock Blue color by Farrow & Golf ball (UK). Actually the brownish and azure color structure is a win win option. The particular sense associated with dynamics plus lightness for this color mix was additional by 100 % pure white clashes – the coffee desk, sheer drapes and couch slipcovers – and nice home components in coated wood plus metal . All of these information evoke the energy of enjoyment and simpleness of country lifestyle. The nostalgic notice into this particular melody can be brought by “grandma’s” stuff : laces, the wrought whatnot, a rocking chair, large wicker baskets… And it does not really issue whether this particular sweet things really reached you throughout your Grandma or else you got within a store.


Very often nostalgic motifs encourage the development of unique décor. With this project pure curtains mimicking lace (by IKEA) had been utilized by the particular designers as being a stencil for the symmetrical walls décor. At this point these designed wall “lanes” serve as experience for IKEA mirrors decked out with “laces” .


One more part of wall favorite that warrants a special point out is an ar2rk wall over the couch. It’s an essential piece of house décor, this counterbalances the particular massive home furniture in this section of the room, and lastly a free design in dangling mismatched photograph and image frames helps you to create a soothing atmosphere of the country home.


This particular effect can be enhanced with a set of brilliant multicolored toss pillows plus a markedly cumbersome sofa slipcover . In this instance old shapeless sofas that could hardly ever be a piece of longevity, changed totally as soon as these were covered along with big white-colored cases manufactured from cotton material. The soothing atmosphere these people created is extremely typical associated with Scandinavian nation style, that was the source associated with inspiration with this summer bungalow living room. These people look like marvelous soft atmosphere, on which you might surely possess a good relaxation.


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