The particular Carmel Look at Residence Simply by Neuman Hayner Architects

The Carmel View Home By Neuman Hayner Designers | CONTEMPORIST

Neuman Hayner Architects have designed a new modern house for a family in Ein Ayala, Israel. #Architecture #ModernHouse
Pictures by Amit Gosher

Neuman Hayner Architects have got designed a brand new modern home for a loved ones in Ein Ayala, Israel.

In front of the house, the stone route leads with the garden towards the front door.

At the front of this modern house, a stone path leads through the garden to the front door. #Landscaping #GardenPath #FrontDoor
Photography by Amit Gosher

Once within and to a single side from the front door will be the main residing, dining plus kitchen area. Gray couches are situated to focus on the particular backyard and the television.

Once inside this modern and to one side of the front door is the main living, dining and kitchen area. Grey couches are positioned to focus on the backyard and on the television. #Windows #LivingRoom
Picture taking by Amit Gosher

Alongside the family room is the eating area as well as the kitchen. Smart wood cupboards line the particular wall, whilst a dark island the statement. Close to the kitchen is really a concrete wall structure adorned using a simple time clock.

In this modern kitchen, minimalist wood cabinets line the wall, while a black island makes a statement. Next to the kitchen is a concrete wall adorned with a simple clock. #ModernKitchen #KitchenDesign
Photography by Amit Gosher

Outside, there is a large yard and a partly covered outdoor area just for outdoor eating and relaxing.

This modern house has a large backyard and a partially covered patio area for outdoor dining and lounging.
Photography by Amit Gosher

Back within and on lack of of the doorway, there’s a little desk region that’s saved into a wardrobe.

This modern house has a small desk area that's tucked away into a closet. #HiddenDesk
Photography by Amit Gosher

Next to the particular hidden workshop is a 2nd living room along with blue soft cushions on the sofa that match the particular blues within the rug.

This modern living room with a double-height ceiling, has blue cushions on the couch that match the blues in the rug. #LivingRoom
Pictures by Amit Gosher

Wooden stairs having a black metal and fine mesh handrail cover around a cement wall plus lead to the 2nd floor of the house. Upstairs, the wood pathway connects the different rooms.

Wood stairs with a black steel and mesh handrail wrap around a concrete wall and lead to the second floor of this modern house. Upstairs, a wood walkway connects the various rooms. #ModernStairs #WoodStairs
Digital photography by Amit Gosher

Towards the top of the stairways is another family room. This time it is a little more informal with colourful cushions and also a desk that is large sufficient for 3. Within the space alongside the family room are 2 additional tables that have been setup as children’s work places.

This children's playroom has colorful cushions and a desk that's large enough for 3. In the space next to the play area are 2 additional desks that have been set up as children's work areas. #Playroom #KidsDesks
Photography by Amit Gosher

In one of the bath rooms, grey wall space and flooring have been coupled with a whitened freestanding bath tub and a big wood pride to create a contemporary look.

In this bathroom, grey walls and floors have been combined with a white freestanding bathtub and a large wood vanity to create a modern look. #ModernBathroom #BathroomDesign
Digital photography by Amit Gosher

The present day bathroom appear has been transported through to an additional bathroom, on this occasion, there’s 2 separate wall-mounted wood vanities that sit down below 2 mirrors.

In this bathroom, grey walls and floors have been combined with a white sinks and 2 wall-mounted wood vanities to create a modern look. #ModernBathroom #ModernWoodVanity
Pictures by Amit Gosher | Architects: Neuman Hayner Designers | Design group: Sharon Neuman & Tamar Zohar

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