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Luigi Rosselli Architects have recently completed a new and modern house in Sydney, Australia, that has a design that was inspired by the piling of books on a table. #Architecture #InteriorDesign #ModernHouse
Photography © Justin Alexander (left) and © Prue Roscoe (right)

Luigi Rosselli Designers have lately completed a brand new house within Sydney, Sydney, that has a style inspired with a pile associated with books on the table.

The particular ‘layers’ of the home are similar to a stack of textbooks, piled up on the ‘table’ associated with sandstone. The particular sandstone that is featured around the house has been excavated plus quarried through the site plus later ripped into shape from the stone builder.

Luigi Rosselli Architects have recently completed a new and modern house in Sydney, Australia, that has a design that was inspired by the piling of books on a table. #Architecture #ModernHouse #Concrete
Photography © Justin Alexander

The path wind gusts its method through the backyard, and metal edgings assistance to contain the tiny rocks and sandstone steps. On top of the path is really a patio as well as the front door that is surrounded simply by sandstone wall space.

This modern house has a path that winds its way through the garden, and steel edgings help to contain the gravel and sandstone steps. At the top of the path is a patio and the front door that's surrounded by sandstone walls.  #Landscaping #Path #Sandstone #Patio
Photography © Mr. bieber Alexander

The home also offers a canal that operates through a sandstone cut hallway that leads from your garage towards the stairs (and lift) within.

This modern house has a tunnel that runs through a sandstone cut corridor that leads from the garage to the stairs (and lift) inside. #Tunnel #Architecture #Sandstone
Photography © Prue Roscoe

Inside the house, there’s the stairwell that is shaped as an elliptical and it has stair treads made from walnut.

This modern elliptical shaped stairwell has white and concrete walls, and stair treads made from oak. #WoodStairs #CurvedStairs
Photography © Prue Roscoe

The stairways lead to the first ground of the home plus opens up straight into an oblong hallway. Customized, full-height, bent doors result in the sleeping rooms and bath rooms.

This modern oval-shaped hallway has custom, full-height, curved doors that lead to the bedrooms and bathrooms. #CurvedDoors #Hallway #InteriorDesign
Photography © Mr. bieber Alexander

In this restroom, a custom made wood pride is a solid contrast towards the white marbled tiles, as the mirrors associated with space show up larger.

In this modern bathroom, a custom wood vanity is a strong contrast to the white marble tiles, while the mirrors make the space appear larger. #Bathroom #MarbleTiles #WoodVanity
Photography © Justin Alexander

The particular living, eating and cooking area are all situated on the second flooring of the home. Within the living room, there are a curled detail towards one wall structure that homes the fire place. The board-formed concrete around the ceiling shows the smoked cigarettes, limed plus brushed United states Oak floors.

In this modern living room, there's a curved detail against one wall that houses the fireplace. The board-formed concrete on the ceiling reflects the smoked, limed and brushed American Oak flooring. #LivingRoom #Fireplace #WoodFlooring
Photography © Prue Roscoe

Behind the particular couch within the living room, there is a hidden doorway within the bookshelf.

The hidden door in this bookshelf leads to a private study with even more bookshelves. #HiddenDoor #BookShelves #Study

The particular hidden doorway leads to a personal study along with even more bookshelves.

The hidden door in this bookshelf leads to a private study with even more bookshelves. #HiddenDoor #BookShelves #Study
Photography © Prue Roscoe

The study includes a view associated with the ancient stone shelves plus ledges that will emerged within this steep escarpment, as well as the swimming pool. At night, there is a clear watch of the research from the outside areas.

This study has a view of the ancient rock shelves and ledges that emerged in this steep escarpment, as well as the pool. At night, there's a clear view of the study from the outdoor areas. #Study #SwimingPool
Photography © Justin Alexander (top), © Edward cullen Birch (bottom)

Outside, the pre-existing Frangipani tree is situated at the top of the particular cliff, therefore a stonemason cut the staircase to the rock for connecting the patio with the the top of garden.

In this backyard, a pre-existing Frangipani tree is located at the top of the cliff, so a stonemason cut a staircase into the rock to connect the terrace with the top of the garden. #Landscaping #Stone #Patio

Photography © Mr. bieber Alexander

Back within and close to the living room, there are another pivoting that conceals the natural powder room. The curved cement basin plus bench generates an interesting sculptural detail within the bathroom.

A curved concrete basin and bench creates an interesting sculptural detail in this modern powder room. #ConcreteVanity #BathroomDesign
Photography © Mr. bieber Alexander

Minimalist metal stairs that will lead to the top act as the subtle divider panel between the eating and family room and it partly screens from the kitchen.

These minimalist brass stairs lead to the roof and act as a subtle divider between the dining and living room and it partially screens off the kitchen. #BrassStairs #MinimalistStairs #Stairs
Photography © Prue Roscoe

Towards the top of the stairways there’s the steel doorway with a glass covered panel that provides entry to the roof plus acts as a skylight that provides daytime to the family room below. On the top of the house there is a sun machine along with PV sections, solar warm water units plus solar swimming pool heating.

The roof of this modern house has a steel door with a glass panel that provides access to the roof and acts as a skylight that provides daylight to the living room below. #Skylight #Roof #Door
Photography © Justin Alexander | Design Architect: Luigi Rosselli | Project Builder: Kristina Sahlestrom, David Mitchell, Carl Rutherfoord | Home design: Alwill Interiors | Builder: Develop Building Group | Structural Consultant: Rooney & Cya | Joiner: Contemporary Home furniture Design | Stonemasonry: French Stonemasonry | Landscaper: Bill Dangar

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