Tasty Folklore: Comfy Eco-Friendly Nation Kitchen

The proprietors of this kitchen area in a summer season cottage are usually keen supporters of folk traditions, old customs and especially people songs. These can be noticed in their house nearly every day. Everything didn’t solution the needs plus mood of the cheerful household was the space, where they will cook plus eat their own food. Which is how these folks became individuals of a Television show, in which family members can get indoor designs of the dreams unquestionably for free. Let us have a look at the actual got!


When the writer of the task asked the particular hosts in regards to the way their particular dream cooking area should seem like, they said that they had only 2 requirements: your kitchen had to be guaranteed rural plus made from environmentally friendly finishing components . For this reason it was decided on base this particular interior upon wood. In the first place the wall space were completed with this tree boards which were processed having a smoothing airplane, which produced them clean like man made fiber, and additionally covered with a coating of lacquer. The door had been decorated along with American pine veneer, plus kitchen cupboards and worktop were furthermore made in lighting wood. Because of this technique the kitchen package doesn’t stick out against the history of the wall space and the quite tight space looks a lot more spacious plus airy.

Specifically for the kitchen backsplash handmade had been 6-mm-thick reinforced glass sections with a electronically printed picture. Such a option enabled the particular designer to put the oven close to the wood wall. Plus a radiator has been concealed at the rear of a ornamental perforated include of wenge color.


Glazed handmade ceramic tiles are usually traditionally employed for facing the particular stoves, yet here these types of gorgeous items adorn the particular doorway involving the kitchen plus dining room. Red-and-green checkwork has been digitally published on a part of paper plus used for designing the bottom section of the kitchen wall structure. The same tartan was imprinted on a self-adhesive film and may be right now found on the fridge. The top areas of the wall space were completed with fairly neutral wallpaper . And the function of a ornamental border together is performed by a cellulose strip offering coffee cooking pots, cups as well as other kitchenware, which usually visually links this area of the room with all the preparation region (the backsplash print). The ground is finished along with HPL laminate with a exclusive undercoat that will absorbs sound. This was specifically relevant with this family along with 3 small kids.


But the part of this inside that warrants a special point out is an unique designer dining room table . In the first place the designer removed the lacquer with the aid of abrasive papers. After that this individual sawed out there a new mobile framework for your table best from veneer, painted the whole construction eco-friendly and additional a touch of fantastic plates to the sides to create some elegancy to the structure. Finally, flexible nuts plus dried coffee beans filled all of the cells, as well as the table has been covered having a piece of heavy glass.

4-DIY-handmade-glass-dining-table-top-with-cells-for-dried-beans-cerelas-and-nuts 5-country-rural-rustic-style-kitchen-interior-design-with-folk-motifs-total-wood-cabinets-worktop-tempered-glass-backsplash-digitally-printed-glass-dining-table-red-green-accents-tulips-radiator-cover

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