Super-Organized and Nice Teenager’s Space Interior

This space with the complete area of simply 14 sq . meters goes to a adolescent girl. As well as the problem of the room has been typical associated with almost any other space occupied with a very younger person: it had been just filled with stuff. Flexible pieces of free-standing furniture – a closet, chests associated with drawers, racks, a nightstand, a composing desk – created an impact of long term chaos, even if the room has been swept thoroughly clean. All that had been compounded with the residence of the teenager, who will be not used to keeping purchase yet and it is frequently not willing to clean her very own room. Usually, it’s not that easy to face this kind of challenge. However the authors of the project was able to transform this particular space outside of recognition at the parents’ demand.


The primary idea has been to team all the person pieces of furniture in a single part of the space. This way another part of the space would have experienced more large and airier. To carry out this concept a multifunctional “box” was created – this accumulated everything inside, through clothes plus bedding in order to books plus small favorite. And of course, the sleeping plus studying region were envisaged.

Layout peculiarities

The shape from the room can be rectangular, nearly square. Therefore in order to suit the entire storage space system in to such a restricted space, the podium mattress along with the storage space zone had been located by window, the writing table was place closer to the particular entrance doorway, and the walls opposite the particular window has been turned into the multifunctional surface area, which performs the function of a reflection, an coordinator and a display screen. This grew to become possible because of a slipping panel, which usually opens the chalkboard in a single position, an image in the some other, and when place in the middle performs the part of a projection screen.

1-1-teenage-girl's-room-bedroom-interior-design-multifunctional-podium-bed-white-walls-plywood-veneer-furniture-gray-accents-sliding-door-blackboard-chalkboard-wall-wiriting-desk-posters 1-2-teenage-girl's-room-bedroom-interior-design-multifunctional-podium-bed-white-walls-plywood-veneer-furniture-gray-accents-sliding-door-blackboard-chalkboard-wall-wiriting-desk-posters-projector-screen-mirror 1-3-teenage-girl's-room-bedroom-interior-design-multifunctional-podium-bed-white-walls-plywood-veneer-furniture-gray-accents-sliding-door-mirror-wall-wiriting-desk-posters

Colour scheme

You will find no showy colors with this interior; simply quiet, gentle and bright hues: white-colored walls plus an ochre shade from the box are usually complemented along with mint eco-friendly, coral plus gray highlights.


Taking into consideration a pretty reduced ceiling elevation (2. 5 meters), the primary task had been to preserve the particular sense associated with spaciousness. With this sake the particular open area was pre-loaded with pendant plus ceiling lights, and the container is lighted by built/in lights.


Furniture plus décor

Virtually every piece of furniture within this room is made of plywood. This is especially true for a spacious closet which includes open racks, cabinets as well as secret storage compartments for storage space. And storage and a clothing storage area are located beneath the bed and also to the right from it.

3-1-teenage-girl's-room-bedroom-interior-design-multifunctional-podium-bed-white-walls-plywood-veneer-furniture-gray-accents-built-in-shelves-wardrobe-storage-area-around-bed-roman-blinds 3-2-teenage-girl's-room-bedroom-interior-design-multifunctional-podium-bed-white-walls-plywood-veneer-furniture-gray-accents-built-in-shelves-wardrobe-storage-area-around-bed-roman-blinds-drawers-cabinets

As for the decorating scheme, it’s extremely minimalistic: a couple of triangles colored on the wall space and the flooring and entomology posters along with images from the 18 th -19 th centuries.

Finishing components

The task was centered on exclusively organic materials: the particular flooring is created in walnut and veneer, the box is made of coniferous plywood, the container for little stuff is usually woven through rattan, as well as the entire house textile will be cotton, bed linen and down.


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