Spectacular Starfish-Shaped Cafe in Southern Korea

Perhaps, all of us went to a coastline café at least one time in our life. But we all feel sure you’ve in no way seen something similar to this. The astonishing thing, yet this smart concrete developing is imbued with intimate and calming atmosphere.


A small interface town associated with Gijang in Southern Korea is well known for its amazing seaside scenery. The truth is, the type here is actually fulfilled along with serenity and several solemn quiet.

Such locations seem to be made for sitting, careful consideration, getaways plus thinking about the entire point associated with living. Therefore , the idea of organizing here the café, which may offer oneness with character, seemed to be fairly right. Nevertheless implementation had been something that the particular architects needed to think perfectly about, as well as the result turned out to be stunning.

2-coastal-seaside-cafe-in-South-Korea-sea-view-restaurant-tall-conifers-trees-minimalist-concrete-building 3-coastal-seaside-cafe-in-South-Korea-sea-view-restaurant-tall-conifers-trees-beautiful-sunset 8-coastal-seaside-cafe-in-South-Korea-sea-view-restaurant-tall-conifers-trees-open-terrace-wooden-benches-mats-picnic-spots

The task came out extremely minimalistic, also ascetic to some degree: laconic slanted shapes, cement, and no decor. And still house is distinct, though this particular doesn’t capture the eye at the same time.

Most notably, this is actually the unusual form of the building, reminding of a starfish. The proprietors of the kaffeehaus were thinking about having optimum panorama plus primarily needed their upcoming clients to pick, which area of the seaside they’d like to view, on their own. Therefore large home windows were envisaged in the areas that provided the best sights.

1-coastal-seaside-cafe-in-South-Korea-sea-view-minimalist-concrete-building-modern-architecture-star-shaped-starfish-restaurant-tall-conifers-trees-exterior-design 4-coastal-seaside-cafe-in-South-Korea-sea-view-restaurant-tall-conifers-trees-minimalist-concrete-building-panoramic-windows 5-coastal-seaside-cafe-in-South-Korea-sea-view-restaurant-minimalist-concrete-building-interior-design-white-sloped-ceiling-panoramic-windows-glass-staircase-railings 6-coastal-seaside-cafe-in-South-Korea-sea-view-restaurant-minimalist-concrete-building-interior-design-white-sloped-ceiling-panoramic-windows-glass-staircase-railings 9-coastal-seaside-cafe-in-South-Korea-sea-view-restaurant-interior-design-minimalist-style-concrete-building-panoramic-windows-glass-staircase-railings

The 2nd distinctive function is a great amount of levels plus steps how the building includes and that softly follow each other.

And the 3rd thing that will attracts guests of this kaffeehaus is a great selection of locations. Would you prefer traditional café-like place by the home window? Welcome to the hall. Do you want to enjoy the sights of a rugged shore plus sea surf or wish to be in the sunlight? Then have a place on the viewing system on the roof. Is usually homey relax in the color of the trees and shrubs by the ocean something that enables you to teak? You are able to choose one from the mini-zones for the dinner – that’s the golden indicate between the picnic within the countryside as well as a beach chaise lounge.

7-coastal-seaside-cafe-in-South-Korea-sea-view-restaurant-tall-conifers-trees-rocky-beach-open-terrace-picnic-spots-benches-mats-exterior-design 10-coastal-seaside-cafe-in-South-Korea-sea-view-restaurant-viewing-platform-panorama-glass-stair-railings-open-roof

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