Sophisticated Small Residence in Beige & Dark brown with a Windowless Room-2

Let’s keep on our trip around a little apartment inside, which shows that traditional style is totally fit pertaining to limited areas, when utilized competently plus wise. Today we’re moving forward to the kitchen area and restroom interiors…


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Kitchen area & Dining area

The entry between the cooking area and hall was still left open, which usually preserves the particular sense associated with lightness plus airiness. To help keep the general public space (including the mudroom, kitchen plus recessed balcony) integral plus harmonious, it had been finished using the same flooring material – ceramic ceramic tiles with a sensitive classical design. On the wall space of the cooking area you may find the monochrome walls covering of the deep brownish shade, therefore beloved from the owner from the flat.

Baseboards plus door structures compose just one finished design with predicting slim-pilaster-looking casings of the doorways serving since transitions in between vertical plus horizontal components. Such a alternative designer method gives this particular limited room the feeling of honesty and worth.


The particular backsplash is completed with white-colored wall ceramic tiles and featuring lovely with stylish friezes . It’s backed with a slim strip of the classical walls covering at the top part of the wall space, and finally exactly the same print is located on an ac. This is yet another trick, which usually helps to provide all the areas of the restricted space collectively.

To earn a bigger worktop, the kitchen has been equipped with the double popular plate. Both kitchen worktop and the bathing room countertop are produced from the same laminated chipboard. The round eating table is certainly transformable and its particular 1 . 1-meter-wide-top may be changed into a 1 ) 5-m-long oblong. The couch is also foldable – the dimensions of the preparation area has been intentionally sacrificed for the sake of this particular comfy furniture piece, since with this home your kitchen literally performs the part of the family room. And of course, an important element of comfort, which the host or hostess of the house so much aims for, can be home fabric . The writer of the task got both sofa as well as the dining chair in a typical IKEA shop and dressed up them straight into elegant grayscale slip addresses, which are each aesthetical because of their enjoyable textures and very wear-resistant. On this area there’s a good air-conditioner, that is powerful sufficient to accept the entire plat, including the 2 bedrooms.



The restroom is the just room that will preserved the original edges during the remodelling, but it also could not escape an important change – the bath tub was moved to the lengthier wall. Because of this, the writer managed to match here the full-fledged 55-cm-wide countertop for any wash pot and put the narrow (45-cm-wide) washing machine under along with a cupboard for keeping bathing room stuff. Apart from, such a answer won an area for a 50-liter water central heating boiler (it’s concealed in a cupboard next to the particular wash basin) and permitted for placing a WC behind the vanity device, which is also a lot more aesthetical. Plus pay attention to the method the problem associated with low ceilings was resolved here – 2 various kinds of ceramic ceramic tiles seem to possess lifted the particular ceiling higher above.


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