“Soft Brutality” Home design Project to get a Young Loved ones

Can severe “concrete” indoor feel comfy? Is there the golden indicate between violence and soft qualities? Can stones give the feeling of spaciousness? Let’s get the answers to questions jointly!


“Soft Brutalism” that is the title the author of the ambitious task gave into it. Deep colors of dark and grey, wood, cement, bricks… It might appear like this residence was created to have an old bachelors or a solitary admirer of business aesthetics. Yet you’ll end up being surprised to discover that this style was figured out for a household couple having a kid. Indeed, that’s correct! That is why the inside represents the peculiar combination of austere ranges and gentle textures, frosty concrete areas and comfy color highlights. Nice environment for function, room with regard to creativity plus stylishness – all this is definitely organically connected in this challenging and cozy task.

Layout modifications

The house is newly-built and has couple of load-bearing wall space. So the area could be securely altered. The particular clients did not want any kind of significant adjustments, so the kitchen area was simply made available to the family room and one from the bathrooms has been extended. Right now the task is being applied and we will dwell on 3 finished areas: the bedroom, the particular living room as well as the study.


Color plus textures

The whole project is made around colours and designs. And in particular round the favorite mistress’s color – gray – and 2 types of designs – cement and stones. They’re masterfully diluted along with warm colours and vivid contrasting components. The wooden stands contrary to transparent cup and fits the designs of unique veneer-faced sections, while chilly concrete is definitely softened simply by home fabric and silent color palette. Huge windows expose much sunshine, helping to prevent a boring atmosphere.



The inside of each space is daring and particular. There is the least furniture, yet it’s definitely enough: the bed, the TV-set on the convenient endure, bedside desks, a chaise lounge, a few bookshelves as well as a desk for your master. Every piece is usually laconic plus elegant, seen as a austere directly lines steadily changing in to smooth figure.

The bedroom seemed to be romantic plus quiet due to light floors, cozy fabric, upholstered headboard and a gentle wall. A huge graphite walls mural at the rear of the bed will remind of fresh new asphalt plus plays the particular role of the contrast helping the “brutal” concept of the inside.

1-1-brutal-contemporary-style-interior-design-light-floor-gray-concrete-walls-minimalism-bedside-tables-hinged-desk-lamp-mirror-invisble-door-white-wall-black-bed-linen 1-2-brutal-contemporary-style-bedroom-interior-design-light-floor-minimalism-glossy-white-wall-recessed-asymmetric-bookstand-book-shelves-black-chaise-lounge 1-3-brutal-contemporary-style-bedroom-interior-design-light-floor-gray-concrete-walls-minimalism-recessed-shelves-bookstand-black-radiator-graphite-bed-linen-chair-white-bedside-table-wooden-TV-stand

Family room + Dining area

The family room consists of 2 functional areas and specific zones: the community hall with a comfortable sofa, a good arm-chair using a footrest along with a TV-set as well as the dining region with a large dining table plus mismatched seats. They are aesthetically divided using a carpet plus a change associated with wall coatings.

2-1-brutal-contemporary-style-living-room-lounge-interior-design-light-floor-gray-concrete-walls-minimalism-glass-wall-TV-stand-white-kitchen-island-rug 2-3-brutal-contemporary-style-living-dining-room-interior-design-light-floor-gray-concrete-walls-minimalism-mismatched-chairs-table-bricks-glass-wall-white-open-concept-kitchen-set-island

The eating zone is definitely decorated having a classical dark statue placed into a wall structure recess, as the lounge walls is decked out with a naturalistic and intense wall cell.

2-4-brutal-contemporary-style-living-dining-room-lounge-interior-design-light-floor-gray-brick-wall-minimalism-black-recess-classical-statue-mismatched-chairs-table-big-clock-wall-mural-floor-lamp-sofa 2-2-brutal-contemporary-style-living-room-lounge-interior-design-light-floor-gray-bricks-minimalism-wall-mural-brown-and-white-ochre-sofa-floor-lamp-coffee-table-leather-arm-chair-with-footrest-glass-wall

The kitchen established is naturally inserted within the composition, becoming very useful, quite small, minimalist plus equipped with a good island utilized for both preparing food and seats.

2-5-brutal-contemporary-style-living-room-lounge-open-concept-kitchen-interior-design-light-floor-gray-concrete-walls-minimalism-TV-stand-shelving-unit-white-kitchen-set-island 2-6-brutal-contemporary-style-open-concept-kitchen-interior-design-light-floor-gray-concrete-walls-minimalism-bar-stools-white-set-island-pendant-lamps-cooker-hood-built-in-appliances

Unlike noise-free bedroom, this particular space much more showy plus saturated with regards to colors plus textures. The particular owner’s preferred gray is certainly mixed with comfortable hues associated with green plus ochre displayed in the information on furnishing, bits of décor plus finishes.


In terms of the colour scheme, the research is nearer to the bedroom – it’s furthermore light plus quiet. Irrespective of a comfortable soft couch and no packet walls, it is easy to focus here: nor laconic decorating scheme, nor the bright dash of a reddish chest associated with drawer deflect the attention. The particular designer offers envisaged several storage choices in the research, so it is going to be no problem to get room meant for books, documents, documents, hard disks and all the task stuff.

3-1-brutal-contemporary-style-work-room-study-interior-design-light-floor-gray-concrete-walls-minimalism-red-chest-of-drawers-accents-sofa-desk-chair-storage-cabinets-projector-screen-panoramic-window 3-2-brutal-contemporary-style-work-room-study-interior-design-light-floor-gray-concrete-walls-minimalism-red-chest-of-drawers-accents-desk-arm-chair-storage-cabinets-projector-screen 3-3-brutal-contemporary-style-work-room-study-interior-design-light-floor-gray-concrete-walls-minimalism-soft-sofa-storage-cabinets-projector-curtains-panoramic-window

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