Slot Watch: Beautiful New Britain House to the Bank from the River


The storyplot of this home started wonderful. The future experts, Heather plus Greg Burke, spent lovely summer on the boat within the Kennebunkport plus admired the particular view of the secluded bungalow on the financial institution of the lake. Its place was ideal from many aspects: near to the historic cardiovascular of the town and yet concealed away from the particular prying eye of vacationers, right alongside a Franciscan Monastery which has a 65-achre protect and a brief walk towards the beach. And exactly what is the most important, directly on the bank of the picturesque lake. Later it had been that the home went for sale, and the Burkes didn’t think twice to buy this.

Initially their particular plan had been to refurbish the existing creating, but this particular turned out to be an excellent challenge. The thing is that the Kennebunk River is definitely tidal, using a 10-foot rise every day, so when the tidal waters arrived up, they will wash beneath the house’s base and then clean back out there again. Conscious of the tough shape of house, the new proprietors decided to begin with scratch plus hired an expert architect – Kristi Kenney from KILOWATT Architects. The girl was trusted with a job of creating a home that would protect the sincerity with the lake, the panorama in general with the scale from the neighborhood.


Kristi do a really great work: the house has been built in a conventional New Britain Cape Cod style in the lot of methods, but with several interesting system flairs. The initial roof ranges alone are worthy of a special point out. The front can be facing the road and hence just a few little strategically positioned windows, as the rear area of the house functions big home windows offering a wonderful view from the river through all the home rooms.

Front side is decked out with a using a few fascinating details, like a traditional Brand new England azure door, the stone having a house amount engraved along with a seashell entrance reminding from the closeness towards the beach.


On the water front the particular architects trimmed off the rectangle-shaped corner from the building to prepare a beautiful cup door resulting in a terraced patio having a fireplace as well as a port see, which offered the task its title – “Port Watch”.


When you stroll in the entry way, you find yourself in the big hall with a whitewashed “nickel-gap” wooden boarding walls, which proceeds on the roof above the strain wire step rails.


The next area you see is really a gorgeous large open-concept family room, dining room plus kitchen. This is actually the point if you realize that this particular house, therefore traditional plus conservative outdoors, has a really contemporary internal. This is the space with a outdoor exit as well as the best water view. The particular masters are usually keen on events and such an idea of the kitchen area with a large island produced cooking a task and properly matched their own lifestyle. Organized in beige and grey, with glowing blue accents, fantastic room might look quite different: upon sunny times it’s lighting, bright plus airy, once the tidal seas surge this features numerous blue shades of the lake, and in the particular low-tide intervals it’s peaceful, calm plus subdued.

5-contemporary-style-interior-design-open-concept-kitchen-dining-room-wooden-table-beige-chairs-with-rivets-metal-chandelier-white-set-cabinets-big-island-windows 6-contemporary-style-interior-design-open-concept-dining-living-room-lounge-patio-exit-panoramic-windows-light-port-river-view-beige-chairs-with-rivets-wooden-table-metal-chandelier-lamp-sofa-blue-accents 7-contemporary-style-interior-design-open-concept-living-room-lounge-patio-terrace-exit-angled-wall-sliding-glass-door-panoramic-windows-light-blue-accents-beige-sofa-wooden-coffee-table-chairs-with-pivets

A similar colour scheme has been applied to all of those other rooms at home. By the way, it had been the experts who selected all the materials and colors for the home design. The house contains 3 large bedrooms plus 2 bath rooms.

The master suite on the 1st floor is extremely calm plus neutral, developed in white-colored and beige.


Upper level there are 2 guest rooms. One of them includes a spacious restroom with a huge bathtub…

9-contemporary-style-bedroom-interior-design-sloped-ceiling-blue-walls-black-TV-stand-white-door-circular-geometrocal-rug-bed-cover 10-contemporary-style-interior-design-beige-gray-and-white-bathroom-big-acrylic-bathrub-oval-marble-wall-tiles-shower-cabin-walk-in

…and the other includes a bathroom having a full-fledged walk-in shower and also a giant clean basin.

11-contemporary-style-interior-design-gray-white-blue-bedroom-geometrical-bedspread-bed-cover-sloped-ceiling-black-nightstand-leather-upholstered-headboard 12-contemporary-style-interior-design-bathroom-white-marble-wall-tiles-walk-in-shower-cabin-gray-vanity-unit-big-double-wash-basin-cabinet-mirror-towel-rails

Furthermore upstairs you will discover an office – the room most abundant in challenging structures, according to the writers of the task. Giant supports, a unique roofing shape – putting each one of these elements with each other and determining the right perspectives without a lack of the roof height was obviously a real problem. But the men did an excellent job and today the roof is decked out with aspects of a “ship” that appearance so natural against the Kennebunk Port history and do not get rid of the precious amount of the room.


Find additional information about this task from a good entertaining movie prepared by Chibi Moku:

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