Shiny Nautical-Style Loft Interior along with Geometrical Highlights

In this home design project figured out for a family members couple the particular designers was able to arrange several functional specific zones within very limited region: a bed room, a lay, a work area and a walk-in closet. This particular attic will be filled with fairly simple, yet extremely non-standard components, bright shades and the disposition of ocean, summer plus holidays.


The entire room is organized in a vivid color system and functions many geometrical elements. Maritime blue plus scarlet red-colored are symbolized in very unexpected places that are typically kept natural: doorways, skirting boards, window, doors plus Roman window blinds. Coupled with flexible furniture associated with fanciful angles and multicolor parquetry along with vivid herringbone pattern, earning this inside very vibrant and one of a kind.


The particular re-design of the attic using the total section of 30 sq . meters the particular designers needed to deal with very challenging insight data – low sloped ceilings using the height various from one 3 in order to 2 . 5 meters plus non-standard styles of the areas. Initially they were 2 remote rooms along with separate leaves. But the customers wished to come with an integral room for spending some time together, using an option associated with privacy whenever their every day routines tend not to overlap.

2-1-bright-gray-red-blue-attic-room-interior-design-wooden-boards-walls-painted-herringbone-parquet-floor-geometrical-furniture-asymmetrical-arm-chairs-shelving-unit-roman-blinds-rug-skirting-board-multicolored-doors 2-2-bright-gray-red-blue-attic-bedroom-interior-design-wooden-boards-walls-painted-window-frame-sloped-ceiling-bed-shelves-recess-decorative-pillow

Furthermore among their particular wishes had been a walk-in closet, the work area and also a spot for watching television. According to the hosting companies, the group met all of their demands towards the fullest.

3-1-bright-gray-red-blue-attic-room-interior-design-wooden-boards-walls-painted-herringbone-parquet-floor-geometrical-furniture-asymmetrical-arm-chairs-shelving-unit-skirting-board-multicolored-doors-walk-in-closet 3-2-painted-blue-and-red-multicolor-doors-with-glass-insertions

Taking into consideration the non-standard form of the space, the particular furnishing has been destined to become also unique. Most of the items were listing under the designers’ sketches: your bed, the shelves unit within the headboard area, a couple of arm-chairs with asymmetrical arm-rests that will form a good sofa whenever pushed jointly, the shelves unit within the work area, the particular walk-in wardrobe, and the little coffee desk.

4-1-bright-yellow-orange-blue-attic-room-interior-design-wooden-boards-walls-geometrical-shelving-unit-painted-window-frame-Roman-blinds 4-2-gray-and-blue-attic-work-area-room-interior-design-wooden-boards-walls-painted-window-frame-roman-blinds-clock-desk-hinged-desk-lamp 4-3-gray-blue-attic-room-interior-design-wooden-boards-walls-painted-skirting-board-round-metal-shelving-unit 4-4-bright-gray-red-blue-attic-room-interior-design-wooden-boards-walls-painted-herringbone-parquet-floor-skirting-board-curtained-walk-in-closet-geometrical-wooden-flower-pot

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