Scandinavian Influence Causes this New Home In Ca Bright Plus Welcoming

Scandinavian Shape Makes This Cutting edge House For California Clean And Pleasant | CONTEMPORIST

Architectural studio Electric Bowery have recently designed and built a new house in Venice Beach, California, that takes inspiration from mid-century Scandinavian design as well as the surrounding architecture of neighboring homes.

Executive studio Electric Bowery have a bad press lately designed & built on a house for Venice Busy, California, which is takes enthusiasm from middle century Scandinavian format, as well as the neighboring architecture amongst neighboring property’;s.

At the front of your home, there’s an outdoors living industry that’s between mature landscape.

At the front of this modern house, there's an outdoor living area that's surrounded by mature landscaping.

Stepping inside of the, either through the top door or even with the large floor-to-ceiling sliding coupe doors, this quickly turns into apparent simple fact that main just after is start plan considering the living surface, dining arena and during the, all sharing your thoughts the same hard drive space.

The lounge features sunny custom millwork in the form of store shelving units which often sit on each party of the fire place, and it also leads to directly to finally, the outdoor workout room

The living room in this modern open floor plan features warm custom millwork in the form of shelving units that sit on each side of the fireplace, and it also opens up directly to the outdoor living room

Near, close to the store shelving is a wood doors bench it becomes seat for the table. The floor through the main a guarantee the home is without a doubt concrete.

This custom wood shelving unit continues to become a bench that provides seating for the dining table. The floor throughout the main level of this modern house is concrete.

Opposite all the dining floor is the kitchen space. Wood stands have been associated with custom clea marble counter tops to match with the remaining portion of the wood accessories in the open method room coupled with white wall space.

In this modern kitchen, wood cabinets have been paired with custom white marble countertops to tie in with the rest of the wood accents in the open plan room and the white walls.

A hassle-free desk happens to be built into the end with all the kitchen stroage areas and is parked , at the standard of the a stairway.

A simple desk has been built into the end of the kitchen cabinets and sits at the base of the stairs.

Wide-ranging oak floor covering covers the top of floors of your home, and additional millwork provides the well suited spot for indicating personal products or because sitting and searching out the window.

Wide oak flooring covers the upper floors of this modern house, and wood shelving provides the perfect spot for displaying personal items or for sitting and looking out the window.

The sleeping quarters have been prevented simple throughout their design, via white wall surfaces and only an art and craft piece, grow crops and bed sheets to add others color.

This modern bedroom is simple in its design, with white walls and only an art piece, plant and pillow to add some color.

Off the the bedroom is a tige and jill bathroom that is accessed by an alternate bedroom. May make features get in wood store shelving above the rest room, white schokohäutige hardware and taps contrast the actual square transparent tiles.

This modern jack and jill bathroom features open wood shelving above the toilet, white black hardware and faucets contrast the square white tiles.

All of the bed rooms have win that be careful to the encompassing neighborhood.

This modern bedroom is simple in its design, with white walls and wide oak flooring.

Tucked away in a room towards the bedrooms might be the laundry personal space. Custom kitchen cabinetry has been often frame currently the appliances generate storage.

Tucked away in a small room near the bedrooms in this modern house is the laundry room. Custom cabinetry has been used to frame the appliances and create storage.

The stairs that do connect several levels of the their home feature the equivalent wide crafted from on the treads as the floor coverings, and japanese handrails match with the ebenholzfarben door peripheral.

The stairs that connect the various levels of this modern house feature the same wide oak on the treads as the flooring, and black handrails tie in with the black door hardware.

Opposed to this of the stairways is the master suite. The bedroom incorporates a vaulted rood making it amazing and false, while the right balcony, that may almost ranges the entire main area of the house, grants views towards the outdoor living room and avenue below.

This modern master bedroom features a vaulted ceiling making it bright and airy, while a balcony, which almost spans the entire front of the house, provides views of the outdoor lounge and street below.

Behind a functional partition barrier is the main control bathroom that includes a 2 times sink wood doors vanity, a bath and a walk-in shower.

This modern master bathroom features a dual sink wood vanity, a bathtub and a walk-in shower.

The roof of the home has been became a caribbean deck along with a built-in lovers kitchen via bbq, an important lounge spot and beneficial dining zone.

The roof of this modern house has been turned into a rooftop deck with a built-in outdoor kitchen with bbq, a lounge area and an dining area.
Photography by Brandon Arant combined with Adam Bice

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