SAOTA Have Lately Completed Their own First Home In Mallorca, Spain

SAOTA Have got Recently Finished Their 1st House Within Mallorca, The country | CONTEMPORIST

SAOTA have recently completed their first house in Mallorca, Spain, that's a relaxed resort-style home and work environment that reflects a contemporary take on the local architecture. #ModernHouse #Architecture
Digital photography by Adam Letch

SAOTA have lately completed their own first home in Mallorca, The country of spain, that’s the relaxed resort-style home plus work environment that will reflects the contemporary undertake the local structures.

This house in Mallorca, Spain, combines white walls, wood elements and plants for a modern appearance. #ModernHouse #WoodElements #Architecture
Pictures by Adam Letch

The decorations, by ARRCC and Revuelta y Stahn (RyS) Designers, are natural and modest with highlights of distinctive and hand made pieces that creates a balance in between comfort plus elegance.

The interiors of this modern house are neutral and understated with accents of textured and hand-crafted pieces that create a balance between comfort and elegance. #InteriorDesign
Picture taking by Adam Letch

The home includes a shaded outside terrace which has designated areas for a huge lounge region and a backyard dining area.

This modern house has a shaded outdoor terrace that has designated spaces for a large lounge area and an outdoor dining space. #OutdoorLounge #ShadedTerrace #OutdoorDining
Photography simply by Adam Letch

The particular outdoor patio is elevated half an amount above the particular pool. Using this angle, you may also see that the house is split in the usage of materials which includes plaster, rock, wooden pergolas and wooden shutters, aluminium plus large expanses of cup.

This modern house uses materials including plaster, stone, wooden pergolas and shutters, aluminium and large expanses of glass. #ModernHouse #BuildingMaterials #Architecture
Photography simply by Adam Letch

The particular pool appears out within the surrounding surroundings and a porch with sunlight chairs offers a place to rest in the sun.

The swimming pool of this modern house looks out over the surrounding landscape and a deck with sun chairs provides a place to relax in the sun. #SwimmingPool #ModernHouse
Pictures by Adam Letch

Here’s the closer go through the stonework as well as the wood wooden shutters on the top level of the house.

This modern house has wood shutters on its upper level. #WoodShutters #ModernShutters
Photography simply by Adam Letch

Here is a watch of the wooden shutters from inside the house. Inside, there is a gallery-like space along with signature barrel or clip vaulted ceilings.

Inside this modern house, there's a gallery-like space with signature barrel vaulted ceilings. #VaultedCeiling #InteriorDesign
Photography simply by Adam Letch

In this particular home office, furniture have been held minimal having a simple wooden desk plus a comfortable sofa.

In this home office, furnishings have been kept minimal with a simple wood desk and a comfortable couch.  #ModernHomeOffice #HomeOffice
Photography simply by Adam Letch

With this sitting region, there’s the built-in fire place and a wooden slat wall structure that sets apart the room.

In this modern sitting area, there's a built-in fireplace and a wood slat wall that separates the room. #LivingRoom #Fireplace
Digital photography by Adam Letch

In the restroom, a freestanding bathtub is situated in front from the window to consider advantage of the particular views.

In this simple and modern bathroom, a freestanding bathtub is located in front of the window to take advantage of the views. #ModernBathroom
Pictures by Adam Letch | Architects: SAOTA – Project Group: Philip Olmesdahl, Stefan Antoni, Tamaryn 4ie & Werner Lotz | Architect associated with Record: RyS Architects | Interior Design: ARRCC & RyS Architects | Landscaping: Cracknell | Illumination Design: Lux Populi

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