Residence with Kale Mezzanine and Hieronymus Bosch Replicas

With a overall area of simply 30 sq . meters, this particular apartment could be safely called a nice example of fashionable design, some art plus an interior challenge. Let’s possess a closer go through the details!


This even is situated within Poland, within the city of Lublin, in a historical building from the 16 th 25 year located in a old sq .. And an incredible coincidence, it had been the sixteen th century once the world famous artist Hieronymus Bosch created their best works of art. Though it had been actually within the Netherlands, yet his dedicated fans reside in this quite apartment within Poland.

Considering that the kick off point for the indoor were the particular replicas of just one of the most unexplainable painters of times, the particular masters sensed obliged to create the related atmosphere that might be mystique, modern, creative plus trendy simultaneously.

And this job was achieved by means of colour. First of all, although the total part of the flat is fairly small, the particular ceiling elevation is pretty substantial. To make it appear lower plus make the inside more unique, it was decided on paint the particular ceiling as well as the entire mezzanine dark colour. The choice has been set on one of the most popular and mystical colors for your year 2017 – Kale .


To stability the interior, this particular green color was also used in the community hall details – the couch upholstery as well as the entrance doorway – and the bath cabin ceramic tiles in the bathing room.

2-studio-apartment-with-mezzanine-floor-dark-green-kale-ceiling-white-walls-eclectic-style-Hieronymus-Bosch-Paintings-ethnical-rug-velvet-sofa-coffee-tables-piglet-tall-entrance-door 3-minimalist-eclectic-bathroom-interior-design-white-tiles-beige-wooden-panels-walls-parquet-floor-green-shower-cabin-round-mirror-suspended-wash-basin-cabinet-wall-mounted

To avoid the dull really feel, the interior had been diluted along with versatile highlights of hot hues displayed on Bosch’s ar2rks. Which is how the couch was accompanied with gorgeous decorative cushions and the ground was protected with an ethnical rug. Generally, all the inner surface details on this room get their matches: the black range and a piglet-shaped coffee desk, the door as well as the sofa, the particular pillows as well as the rug. Because of this, the bedroom looks essential and finished. And varied components plus Bosch’s works of art look specifically splendid contrary to the laconic history of whitened walls plus light flooring.

4-studio-apartment-with-mezzanine-floor-bedroom-dark-green-kale-ceiling-white-walls-eclectic-style-Hieronymus-Bosch-Paintings-Poland-black-stove-piglet-coffee-table-velvet-sofa-ethnical-rug-open-interior-design 5-white-walls-eclectic-style-lounge-living-room-interior-design-details-decor-Hieronymus-Bosch-Paintings-piglet-shaped-animalistic-black-coffee-table-white-walls-sculp-ethnical-rug

As for the kitchen area, it’s quite narrow and therefore minimalist, without extra information, which does not draw within the attention associated with visitors taking into consideration the open idea of the 2 areas.


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