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Residence With A Soul In Florence


The unromantic settings of old carpentry has been transformed with ability by architect Alessandro Capellaro and the result is a property that brings in a soul stirring encounter. The developing we are talking about is located in Florence and is awesome creation by any normal. Marrying a big volume of space with wood perform at the back of an alley, the architect has come up with this unusual thought. Capellaro created unique pieces of furnishings like book instances, coffee tables, desk, kitchen shelves and so on to enhance with this whole idea.

The guest bedroom and kitchen are separated by the stack wooden crates. In the middle of this accumulation, he placed bright orange cabinets of the 50s and on top, the glass collections of the 50s and the 70s. For totally free movement about, he avoided excess supplies, but at the same time he did preserve the memories nursed by this building.

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