Raw & Stylish Office: Combination of Concrete plus Zebrawood

Wood plus concrete are usually incompatible, are not they? The writer of this task tried to discussion with this wide-spread misconception plus created your workplace interior design which will take your breathing away!


Designing a classy office space, which may be similarly comfortable with regard to both the employees plus visitors is fairly a difficult task by itself. But offerring the specific character of the company via the workplace interior plus doing it in the stylish, sophisticated and primary way simultaneously is a very difficult task certainly, which no interior developer can handle. To the minds, the writer of this task managed to ensure it is very well.

There was clearly no need designed for re-planning the area. The company got already invested some time with this place, whenever they realized that enormous furniture carried from the ex-office should be changed with more modern and roomier pieces. It had been vital to get room for the essential products but without having overloading the area. The angles of the space appeared to be unique, with lots of glazing across the perimeter, therefore materialization of all of the ideas has been pretty difficult.

1-1-contemporary-office-interior-plan-scheme-layout-with-panoramic-windows-glazing-double-sided-for-one-person 1-2-contemporary-style-office-interior-design-beige-gray-brown-brutal-mixed-material-concrete-and-zebrawood-wooden-furniture-panoramic-window-creative-desk-curtains-cabinet 1-3-contemporary-style-office-interior-design-beige-gray-brown-brutal-mixed-material-concrete-and-zebrawood-wooden-furniture-panoramic-window-creative-desk-curtains-cabinet 1-4-contemporary-style-office-interior-design-beige-gray-brown-brutal-mixed-material-concrete-and-zebrawood-wooden-furniture-panoramic-window-creative-desk-curtains-cabinet

The client wanted to get a modern and lighting interior, along with much open up space plus sense associated with airiness, yet he had been dead towards cold minimalism. That is why selected as a main furniture materials was zebrawood. This amazing wood types is priceless when you need to create a note of ambiance and comfort to the inner surface.


Considering that the company is definitely engaged in production concrete, the particular designer recommended that this concept be communicated by means of the particular furniture. Ultimately the developer merged the particular client’s desire to see lots of zebrawood along with her own concept – cement insertions. Probably the most challenging portion of furniture-making had been linking 2 absolutely various materials in the seamless design. After lengthy negotiations and far contemplation, among the furniture generators managed to get this bold concept become a reality.

3-1-contemporary-style-office-interior-design-beige-gray-brown-brutal-mixed-material-concrete-and-zebrawood-wooden-furniture-panoramic-window-desk-curtains-cabinet 3-2-contemporary-style-office-interior-design-beige-gray-brown-brutal-mixed-material-concrete-and-zebrawood-wooden-furniture-panoramic-window-desk-curtains-cabinet

Once the project is at full golf swing, the client unintentionally came across an image in the Web, which he or she liked greatly. After a short searching, the particular designer discovered the author – an designer living in the particular Maldives – and bought the art work.


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