Rammed Earth Plus Timber Function Throughout This particular Australian Home

Rammed Planet And Wood Feature All through This Aussie House | CONTEMPORIST

Robson Rak Architects and Interior Designers have recently completed the Layer House, a home in Victoria, Australia, built using rammed earth and timber.
Photography simply by Shannon McGrath

Robson Rak Architects plus Interior Creative designers have lately completed the particular Layer Home, a home within Victoria, Sydney, built making use of rammed planet and wood.

Robson Rak Architects and Interior Designers have recently completed the Layer House, a home in Victoria, Australia, built using rammed earth and timber.
Pictures by Shannon McGrath

Local components and methods were utilized when constructing the home, with all the sand component from the rammed world being locally found and constructed by nearby artisans.

Local materials and techniques were used when building this modern house, with the sand component of the rammed earth walls being locally sourced and built by local artisans.
Pictures by Shannon McGrath

Heading within the home, you can observe the rammed earth wall space throughout, similar to the study that is located from the main entry hallway. Huge windows supply views from the garden outdoors, while on the contrary wall, the black pre-installed bookshelf is definitely surrounded simply by dark wooden.

This modern study, that's located off the main entrance hallway, has large windows that provide views of the garden outside, while on the opposite wall, a black built-in bookshelf is surrounded by dark wood.
Photography simply by Shannon McGrath

Nearby from the research is a bed room. It as well looks in order to the garden as well as a wall associated with dark cabinets lines the particular wall. Shelves above your bed provides a spot to store preferred books plus decorative components.

This modern bedroom is tucked around the corner from the study. It looks out to the garden and a wall of dark cabinetry lines the wall. Shelving above the bed provides a place to store favorite books and decorative elements.
Photography simply by Shannon McGrath

Hidden in at the rear of the bedroom is definitely an ensuite restroom. A skylight and slotted windows supply natural light, as well as the large circular mirror displays the light through the space.

This modern ensuite features a skylight and louver windows that provide natural light, while the large round mirror helps to reflect the light throughout the space.
Pictures by Shannon McGrath

On the other side associated with the entrance hall is the primary living region that’s house to the family room, dining room plus kitchen.

This modern house has a large main living area that's home to the living room, dining room and kitchen. A sloped roof and skylights add plenty of natural light to the room.
Picture taking by Shannon McGrath

The family room is focused on the fireplace, as the dark azure couch will be adds some color towards the interior. Dark framed aluminum doors and windows fill up the open up room along with plenty of sun light.

This modern living room is focused on a fireplace, while the dark blue couch is adds a touch of color to the interior. Black framed aluminium doors and windows fill the open room with plenty of natural light.
Photography simply by Shannon McGrath

Close to one of the home windows is a pre-installed window chair with a walls light, permitting nighttime reading through.

This black framed window has a built-in window seat with a wall light, allowing for nighttime reading.
Photography simply by Shannon McGrath

Furthermore in the residing area is really a large dark bookshelf along with dark wooden, similar to the bookshelf in the research.

This modern living room has a light colored concrete floor, a dark blue couch and a large black bookshelf with dark wood.
Photography simply by Shannon McGrath

Close to the residing area will be the kitchen. A huge green-tiled tropical isle adds the pop associated with color and helps to connect the particular landscaping using the interiors. Lighting wood cupboards run across the wall along with open racks flanking every side from the exhaust lover.

In this modern kitchen, a large, green tiled island adds a pop of color and helps to connect the landscaping with the interiors. Light wood cabinets run along the wall with open shelves flanking each side of the exhaust fan.
Photography simply by Shannon McGrath

Around the other finish of the cooking area cabinets is really a small built/in desk. A substantial sliding doorway opens in order to reveal a little patio region.

At the end of these modern light wood kitchen cabinets is a small built-in desk. A large sliding door opens to reveal a small patio area.
Photography simply by Shannon McGrath

In the other finish of the cooking area is the eating area. The bar region with a kitchen sink matches your kitchen cabinets, as well as the light wooden dining arranged and light concrete flooring helps to keep the inside bright.

This modern dining area features a bar with a sink that matches the kitchen cabinets, and the light wood dining set and pale concrete floor helps to keep the interior bright.
Digital photography by Shannon McGrath

Through the slipping doors close to the residing and eating area is really a large partly covered outside terrace. Wooden has been useful for the floors and the roof, while built/in elements as an outdoor barbecue area plus bench seats have been additional.

This modern Australian house has a large partially covered outdoor terrace. Wood has been used for the flooring and the ceiling, while built-in elements like an outdoor bbq area and bench seating have been added.
Photography simply by Shannon McGrath

Close to the patio and together with the back walls of the garage area is a built/in bench, walls hooks plus an outdoor bath.

Located along the back wall of this modern garage is a built-in bench, wall hooks and an outdoor shower.
Photography simply by Shannon McGrath

The particular terrace furthermore provides sights and entry to the landscaped backyard, exactly where rusted metal as already been used as being a decorative component.

This modern landscaped backyard uses rusted steel pipes as decorative planters.
Photography simply by Shannon McGrath

Right here you can see both main creating materials of the home, the rammed earth for that walls, as well as the timber employed for the overhanging roof.

The 2 main building materials of this modern house are rammed earth for the walls, and timber used for the overhanging roof.
Picture taking by Shannon McGrath. Design by Swee Lim.

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