Radisson Blu Riverside By Doos Architects

Doos Architects have made the interiors of the Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel in
Gothenburg, Sweden.


From the architects

This intimate organization hotel is developed to market currently being social and to collaborate across borders. The design and style idea has an urban eclectic theme inspired by the heritage of the place in Lindholmen, when the centre for the shipbuilding industry, and the region of nowadays as a centre for science and innovation. The outcome is a hotel with more individual expression than your common organization hotel. The material palette is derived from the location and its heritage with sincere supplies this kind of as wood, iron and copper. Contrasts and worked by way of particulars such as matt-glossy, dark-light and warm-cold colors boost the sought soon after feeling of warmth and care.

The ground floor layout is open with merging spaces for socializing, consuming and doing work giving transparency to acquire wonderful views of the surrounding location and the water. The room design is centered on taking benefit of the views as well as having distinctive design and style factors to give the area a more personal and intimate atmosphere. The layout idea has a vibe of self-expression and all rooms have a large illustration made by Doos in 6 distinct versions. The illustration is inspired by the geography and the historical past of Lindholmen with unexpected factors and humorous tweaks.

The hotel houses 265 rooms, 10 suites, conference spot, the restaurant ”The Cuckoo’s Nest” and Body Lab Wellness and Fitness centre on the prime floor, overlooking Gothenburg and the harbour. Lindholmen is a distinctive spot in Gothenburg with its historic past from the ship constructing industry. It is now transforming into a hub for science and innovation with new businesses moving in bringing new individuals and new possibilities.

Architects: Doos Architects

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