Podium Beds within Interior Design: five Real Tasks in Detail

Why may you need a podium bed? First of all, it’s an ideal solution when you have 2 internal problems: insufficient storage areas with no desire to rest on a couch. Secondly, it is a nice method to zone a little room or even, vice versa, a large open-plan house. And finally, a podium possesses essential decorative functions – it might either highlight something essential in your inside or, vice versa, discompose attention from the shortcomings. Let us have a look at 5 real home design projects and find out what tasks podiums perform in them.


Project № 1

The writer of this task was given an area with a quite complicated angles – a good attic room with a unique, asymmetrical form of the roof. Making use of such an region is not always easy; cleaning it really is even more difficult. In order to crown everything, its web host is a teen boy. Therefore , the clients’ main want was to arrange storage along with as couple of surfaces so that as little dust-collecting home fabric as possible.


So , the podium mattress appeared to be the win-win choice: roomy storage were pre-installed underneath, as well as the structure alone was produced in welded metallic and confronted with wood plus leather. Apart from, the podium was furnished with built-in lighting that may alter colors using a remote control.


Project № 2

This particular small bed room was designed to get a girl, in whose parents wished her area to be multifunctional and have a different, full-fledged bedroom. The author from the project was able to meet all of the requirements: right here you may find the desk, spacious wardrobes plus cupboards, a tight lounge region for having fun with friends, the cozy reading through nook as well as a bed organized on a system.


Take notice that with this project it isn’t really just the podium that splits the space functionally: the effect associated with privacy within the bedroom area is additionally improved by transparent bookshelves actually and peppermint wallpaper aesthetically. Besides, system added reward storage areas (a few built/in drawers underneath) and the feeling of personal privacy, of course.

2-2-podium-bed-platform-in-interior-design-peppermint-blue-and-white-girl's-room-bedroom-white-furniture-see-through-shelves-chest-of-drawers-sofa-many-storage-areas 2-3-podium-bed-platform-in-interior-design-peppermint-blue-and-white-girl's-room-bedroom-attached-loggia-white-furniture-see-through-shelves-reading-nook-roman-blinds

Task № 3 or more

Before restoration this space had 2 major weak points: too much home furniture and a load-bearing column. The answer was present in a podium construction: this became the particular centerpiece from the interior as well as the column had been turned into part of the bedroom region framing.

3-1-podium-bed-in-interior-design-contemporary-style-bedroom-light-gray-and-blue-geometrical-motifs-carpet-sofa-3D-wall-panels 3-2-podium-bed-in-interior-design-contemporary-style-bedroom-light-gray-and-blue-geometrical-motifs-carpet-sofa-3D-wall-panels 3-3-contemporary-style-room-light-gray-and-blue-geometrical-motifs-carpet-sofa-TV-set-desk-work-area-shelves

Project № 4

Which bedroom for the teenage son actually functions 2 systems. To be specific, the first podium pitched a concept for the 2nd one. Parallels due to design alterations kitchen area pipes needed to be transferred by means of this bed room, and the flooring level needed to be raised at first to undercover dress all the power systems.


Then the developer came up with the thought of a podium by the home window: it was designed to become the focal point of the inner surface, the main storage space and a good bedroom area with a bed mattress atop. The ideal area keeps the area open plus makes the bedroom very soothing for the sponsor.


Task № 5

This amazing construction had been custom-made with a carpenter’s store. The artisans were given the quite difficult task: to support parents plus their kids in a single room of the country home, where offered from time to time.

Right here the podium is the center of the whole system: many load-bearing areas of the construction are possibly supported because of it or installed to it, which includes a set of stairs attached from one of the edges. Inside the building there are a few pull-out cabinet compartments for keeping bed linen.


One more benefit of this podium is that nearly every mattress could be put on this. Alternatively, the mattress could be removed as well as the platform becomes a perfect video game zone. The whole construction can be disassemblable and therefore can be quickly transferred to the 2nd floor of the home or completely removed, as needed.


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