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Odessa Restaurant By YOD Style Lab

YOD Design and style Lab have developed the Odessa Restaurant located in Kiev, Ukraine.



Kyiv men and women have identified the “Odessa” Restaurant considering that 1962. But the new time demands new guidelines. And right now the very same good, old, cosy “Odessa” invites guests, even though in a entirely new format.

Odessa is a rather original city, with its inexpressible ethnic flavour and centuries-old history, which is located at the seaside of the Black Sea in the South of Ukraine. You can genuinely recognize and come to enjoy Odessa only once you have visited it. This is why we didn’t aim at merely reproducing the spirit of this exclusive city. Alternatively, we had been trying to determine invisible associative hyperlinks by way of which the bright image of the spot would be formed.

The atmosphere was formed largely by perception of components and light.

The space of the principal hall is formed about the island lounge zone decorated with ropes stretching for about 30 km in total. In the evenings floor lamps directed at the ropes create a cosy lounge atmosphere changing the emotional perception of the place drastically. The play of light can be effectively seen from the façade attracting a visitor to look inside.

Behind the bar stand there are shelves with decorated boxes placed in a chaotic order generally prompted by the well-known Odessa Privoz marketplace with its abundance. An open portion of the kitchen with 2 copper tandoors underlines the democratic and truthful nature of the spot, keeping open the extremely process of cooking dishes.

In the hallway major to the anteroom a visitor meets a wall produced of sandstone, the principal building material on the Crimean peninsula.

The smaller hall of the restaurant is a lot more emotionally restrained, and if required it may be transformed into a banquet space. The crucial part in the organization of space of the smaller hall belongs to a central stella sheathed with a metal plate of finished steel with an impression of a topographical map of the old Odessa. Inside the stella there is a bio fireplace which we placed as a separate mobile module such a solution allowed added variants of placement of tables.

A comprehensive image of “Odessa” is created by signifies of numerous decorative elements that bring us associatively nearer to this colourful seaside city.

Style: YOD Style Lab
Photography: Andrey Avdeenko

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