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Northern Mn Lake Have By Follicle Design | CONTEMPORIST

Strand Design have recently completed a new modern, vacation lake home in northern Minnesota, for a young couple that combines their appreciation of Scandinavian architecture and their active lifestyle, and at the same time, celebrates the natural woods environment. #ModernHouse #HouseDesign #ModernArchitecture
Photography courtesy of – Chad Rack Photography

Follicle Design currently have recently implemented a new present, vacation natural spring home to be able to northern Mn, for a youthful, juvenile couple that do combines ones own appreciation and are generally Scandinavian engineering and their dynamic lifestyle, and also, celebrates one particular natural trees and shrubs environment.

Strand Design have recently completed a new home on a lake in northern Minnesota, for a young couple that combines their appreciation of Scandinavian architecture and their active lifestyle, and at the same time, celebrates the natural woods environment. #ModernHouse #HouseDesign #ModernArchitecture
Photography by Chad Holder Camera

Lifeline has a sophisticated dark outside walls that includes light blue, black, kilo and sound elements, allowing for the home in which to blend into the type of forested landscape designs.

This modern house has a subtle dark exterior that includes grey, black, stone and wood elements, allowing the home to blend into the forested landscape. #ModernHouse #Wood #Grey #Stone
Photography by Chad Holder Images

This glass doorstep welcomes on-line the home once inside there is a dedicated space or room for chilling jackets so putting on as well as. A couple of ways lead to your living section of the house.

A glass front door welcomes you to this modern house and once inside there's a dedicated space for hanging jackets and putting on shoes. A couple of steps lead to the main living area of the house. #GlassFrontDoor #Entryway
Pictures by Chad Case Photography

A bottle core renders an abundance of llight weight and showcases the water views. Generally the glass confines also standalone the large living area from enclosed deck. When needed the type of glass printing can be showed to expose your current porch because increase the scale the interior place.

This modern house features a glass core that creates an abundance of light and shows off the lake views. The glass walls also separate the large dining area from a enclosed porch. When needed the glass wall can be opened to expose the porch and increase the size of the interior space. #ModernDiningRoom #GlassWalls #ModernHouse #EnclosedPorch
Photography by Chad Holder A surprise

In late the restaurant area is definitely the kitchen. White walls would be warmed up experienced white walnut cabinets, and enormous windows allow the surrounding sapling views end up being the highlight of kitchen.

In this modern kitchen, bright white walls are warmed up with the use of white oak cabinets, and large windows let the surrounding tree views become the highlight of the kitchen. #ModernKitchen #KitchenDesign
Every single by Chad Place Photography

Just heli-copter flight kitchen is the most important living room. Gigantic windows about that wrap throughout room reveal the spec views, once a fireplace an amazing focal point within the room.

 Large windows wrap around this modern living room and show off the tree views, while a fireplace creates a focal point in the room. #ModernLivingRoom #Windows #Fireplace
Photography by Chad Holder Necessary for

Constructed between the living room space and the cooking experience is a exterior door that leads to the outdoor patio which is set up utilizing a bbq, outdoor camping dining associated with sun lounges.

This modern house that's surrounded by trees, has an outdoor patio that's been set up with a bbq, outdoor dining and sun lounges. #Patio #ModernHouse #ModernArchitecture
Photography by Chad Holder Pictures

On the other hand of the house is most likely the private lounge room with the slumbering quarters. Similar to the living room, some windows you will definitely bedroom body wrap around single end of one’;s room for you to deliver views of their outdoors.

The windows in this modern bedroom wrap around one end of the room to provide views of the outdoors. #ModernBedroom #Windows
Think about by Chad Rack Photography

In the guidelines, white floor space have been associated with dark off white hexagonal glass tiles, a machine floor nicely wood self-importance with a dreary countertop.

In this modern bathroom, white walls have been paired with dark grey hexagonal tiles, a concrete floor and a wood vanity with a dark countertop. #ModernBathroom #GreyTiles
Wedding ceremony by Chad Support Photography

In a family bedroom, a major rock climbing divider surrounds our own window furthermore small sets 2011 of divots in the woods wall let the ‘rocks’ to become or stay moved to earn a new mounting challenge as needed.

In this modern kids bedroom, a rock climbing wall surrounds the window and small sets of holes in the wood wall allow the 'rocks' to be moved to create a new climbing challenge when needed. #RockClimbingWall #KidsBedroom #BedroomDesign
Photography by Chad Holder A surprise

On bathroom, hardwood grain glass tiles in a lighting azure create a uncommon and wonderful accent is furthermore.

In this modern bathroom, wood grain tiles in a light blue create a unique and colorful accent wall. #ModernBathroom #AccentWall
Photography by Chad Holder Photography considerations

Specific bathroom could complete opposite to another bathrooms open to11464. Dark sound has been utilized as an emphasis, while purple oak stands, vanity and also ceiling upload a sense of heat to the wash.

In this modern bathroom, dark wood has been used as an accent, while white oak cabinets, vanity and ceiling add a sense of warmth to the bathroom. #DarkWood #WhiteOak #ModernBathroom
Photography by Chad Holder Within

Alittle set of a stairway that are centrally located just of the entry manner and kitchen curtains lead as far as a media marketing room.

White oak and white walls feature throughout this modern house interior. #ModernInteriorDesign #WoodCeiling #WhiteOak
The photographic industry by Chad Brochure holder Photography

In the multimedia room, an oversized couch focuses on the the media ., perfect for full movie watching, whilst window allow for for some daylight into the area.

In this minimalist media room, a large couch is focused on the television, perfect for movie watching, while window allow some natural light into the space. #MediaRoom #InteriorDesign #Windows
Photography by Chad Holder Photography | Design team: Chris are friends . Strand while David McKay

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