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Moroccan Style In The Living Area


The Moroccan style is a bold mix of colors and textures of supplies. In modern day Moroccan interior completely get complex patterns of nearby peoples, nomadic style, bordering on rude and European developing materials and furniture. This mixture creates a unique flavor and gives the interior a unique charm in the Moorish style. Also, this style is distinguished by its color scheme, which is not afraid combines warm tones of beige and sand, white and blue, which can border on ultramarine and emerald green, and the concentrate could be on the red. The major factor is to develop a play of color, to operate a stimulant that will give the interior impulsivity, which is standard for this country.

To design and style the interior of a Moroccan-style need to have to know and the appropriate to use decorative components that are unique to this style. The initial issue to consider – the floor in the traditional Moroccan style mosaic. She decorated not only the floor, but utilized for the design and style of stairs, countertops, fireplaces, and even the walls. Drawing, which is made mosaic need to resemble 6-pointed star, or represent a selection of colors. Mosaic – is not the only material for the floor, you can place on the floor laminate tile or wood, and can be utilized as floor boards, rough finish. Will be relevant for the Moroccan-style cover floor living area or bedroom a gorgeous carpet in the Arabic style.

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